View Full Version : How do I get fast writes working?

11-07-04, 09:22 AM
I am getting the random freezing problem with fast writes turned on at stock speeds on my Galaxy Geforce 6800 GT.

I wouldnt mind if the performance difference with fast writes turned off was minimal but my CPU scores in 3DMark 03 drop immensely with fast writes turned off, and im concerned this is impacting performance in games like Far Cry.


Light blue is fast writes turned on...

I dont understand why it would affect CPU scores? Its not using the GPU in these tests what so ever is it?

Anyway, is there any combination of drivers/settings that allow fast writes to work without the random freezing?


Athlon 64 3200+
Asus K8N-E Deluxe
2x512MB Kingston PC3200
Galaxy Geforce 6800 GT
ForceWare 66.81
nForce 5.10 Driver
Windows XP Home with SP2

11-07-04, 10:19 AM
Same thing happens with me, dont worry about it to much. Unless a software app is running 100% software ( cpu ) then yeah you'll see the performance hit, but all recent games are heavily GPU dependent. So if its giving you problems, just disable it, it wont effect real world gaming.

11-07-04, 10:53 AM
ok, thanks! :)