View Full Version : Weird residue/artifacts around text and window borders on the desktop

11-07-04, 10:04 AM
I purchased an XFX 6800 128MB card earlier today and after a running a few benchmarks
making sure everything was ok (is aniso x16 supposed to take me down from 8129 3dmarks in 2k3 to 4600 or so?) I noticed something.
There are some weird artifacts/residue around text and window borders (in the way of
3-6 bright vertical lines that are especially apparent on bright backgrounds), this only appears
in resolutions above 800x600 with refresh rate over 60 (at 60hz it's fine at 1280x1024) and is always to the right side of text or the window border.
I have tried both Forceware versions 61.77 and 66.77.
Playing around with setting didn't seem to help any, the default setting showed the same.
I've taken screenshots and found that when I zoom in the lines disappear, but when I leave it at default
size the lines are still there.
There are no artifacts/residue in 3D applications/graphics or movies, only mildly around text in 3D games (since they're not usually are bright as my desktop).

Intel P4 2.4ghz
768MB of ram
Asus P4B533-M motherboard
400 watt power supply from a company called JCT or something
Hyundai P910 monitor connected through a DVI to VGA adaptor
I installed this card over my old 8500LE after using the ATI uninstaller (installed the 66.77 drivers initially)
The temperature on the card is currently 71C with 44C ambient temperature
There are some cables, the hard drive and the ram rather close to the back of the card, I never imagined it would be so huge.

Has anyone ever encountered this and possibly found a way to solve it?

11-07-04, 10:43 AM
Changing the DVI to VGA converter from the ones that came with the geforce to the one that came with my old 8500LE helped a bit.
Windows that have blue borders (like the windows xp theme in Trillian has blue borders) leave no residue on the right side, text using a blue colored font also leave no residue (my default is black fonts over a white/bright background)

11-07-04, 10:48 AM
16x aniso is an overkill setting and people are abusing it, and it prolly should halve your score in 2k3. I usually use only 2x or max 4x aniso with my GT. If there was a 128x or 256x aniso setting in the driver, people would use it thinking its "the best setting".

Sounds to me like the ghosting around edges you are getting is either due to a "sharpness" setting you've set in the nvidia control panel or just poor quality from the analog transfer. Nvidia is known for having far poorer VGA quality compared to ATI and unless XFX followed the reference design closely and used top quality components, it can only lose to the reference design.

11-08-04, 03:15 AM
Ok thanks subbo, guess I'll have to just live with it.