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11-07-04, 11:57 AM
Just wondering if anyone has had the nv5 apart or knows if the fins are actually soldered to the base.
Hard to tell by just looking thru the plastic.

I am contemplating removing the stock fan and mounting an 80mm on the top of the intake. Upon looking at it, 2 screw holes in the plastic casing would line up to the 80mm and I would just add another in the top of the plastic.

A little trimming with the dremmel to open the intake up to 80mm size and it would be a done deal.

Of course this would take up another pci slot, but that still gives me 2 usable ones, one for audio and 1 spare.

The fan in the nv5 is quiet yes, but it rotates so slow, it hardly pushes any air,
a decent 80mm should lower temps.



11-07-04, 06:16 PM
Too many responces...

anyway I spend a few hours with the nv5 and my bfg6800gt, trying diff fan combinations, I'll lay it out for you:

All done with AS5
1.4v mod running at 425/1100

stock nv5
idle 50/ load 67

next I removed the nv5 fan and temp mounted a 80mm fan on the intake portion of the plastic shroud
idle 52/ load 68

then I removed the plastic encloser, so all I had was the copper base and the fins (they feel like tin):
mounted a 70mm stock amd heatsink fan directly on the fins
idle 53/ load 72

with an 80mm case fan directly on the fins
idle 50/ load 67

I thought surely the 80mm mounted direct on the fins would dissipate more heat, but not really

One thing is for sure, the copper plate gets dam hot during load.
I seem to be able to keep the fins at a much cooler temp which leads me to beleive they are attached to the copper base in such away that doesn't allow effecient heat transfer

even with everything apart it is still hard to see how the fins are attached to the copper base

anyway, seems like alot of work for nothing, but at least I know now

In taking the heatsink on and off the card numerous times, judging by the thermal compound left on the sink and chips, it seems very easy to tighten the 4 mounting screws unevenly, thus making the plate sit on the gpu at an angle to one side.
just tightening the screws until they are tight doesnt work, if you tighten one side too much ahead of the other, you won't be able to snug up the loose side enuf... ending up with poor contact


11-07-04, 07:18 PM
I has a VGA Silancer for a 9800Pro before. The fan turned slow, but it actually did a great job on getting rid of the heat.