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11-07-04, 03:18 PM
http://www.newgpu.com/downloads/Leadtek_6693.zip :lol2:

11-07-04, 07:34 PM
wtf?! just a short question: AA BUG still present in that?

11-07-04, 08:18 PM
These don't want to install if your card isn't leadtek, but they are the real thing.

Edit: Let's try a manual install.
Again: Or let's just run the installer in the WinXp_2k directory.

11-07-04, 08:28 PM
Need a modded ini file., Blah no the setup is screwy. Hmm can maybe install em manually

11-07-04, 08:34 PM
Am downloading now, this had better not be the file that is on Leadteks FTP site as it's 66.81.

I'll have a modded INF as soon as i get the driver downloaded.

11-07-04, 08:40 PM
Good news, it works. You just have to do a manual install, and tell it not to search during this.
You can then chose the leadtek version of your card or the standard nvidia name, i chose the latter and am fine.

Edit: And here are my benches
My card running at 390/1046
66.51 --------- 66.81 --------- 66.77 --------- 70.41 --------- 66.93

doom3: 1280x1024, ultra
51.0 FPS ------ 53.1 FPS ------ 52.7 FPS --------------------- 52.7 FPS

VST 1280x102, max settings, no AA or AF
----------- ~83 FPS --------- 95.23 FPS ----- ~94 FPS ------ 96.27 FPS

3dmark05: standard
4766 3dmarks - 4824 3dmarks - 4825 3dmarks - 4805 3dmarks - 4804 3dmarks

Highest VST score yet. I'm gonna test for the CS:S AA bug.
I don't even wanna test for the UT2004 DEP crash bug.

11-07-04, 09:27 PM
But here's the million dollar question(actually question(s))? How about the IQ and shimmering?

11-07-04, 09:35 PM
And the Counter Strike: Source anti-aliasing line bug is:

Greatly Diminished.
(almost fully removed)

I didn't see it between textures on the ground, but I did spot it once between the ground(where there is alot of bump mapping and reflectivity) and the wall.
This was done on max settings (except for there being no AF), 1280x1024, and 2x AA from the ingame settings on my 6800GT.

11-07-04, 09:53 PM
I'll stick with the 70.41's.

11-07-04, 09:57 PM
I'll stick with the 70.41's.
Why? I find them pretty buggy (DoW, CS:S AA line bug) and a tad slower.

11-08-04, 12:33 AM
Modded INFs are up, Leadtek has remmed out the GPU's it doesn't sell, very odd.
Driver also uploaded, a much nicer 14MB (was 27MB), setup and International files still included.
This driver is not WHQL.

Driver and INFs links are in the signature.


11-08-04, 12:53 AM
Here is a mirror here:

Also sticky'd the thread with the driver date :)

11-08-04, 02:20 AM
Modded INFs are up, Leadtek has remmed out the GPU's it doesn't sell, very odd.
Driver also uploaded, a much nicer 14MB (was 27MB), setup and International files still included.
This driver is not WHQL.

Driver and INFs links are in the signature.


Yea they have commented out the quadro's noooo!!! :P

11-08-04, 02:42 AM
Finally, a 66 without crappy lines, i ran source stress test and forget to look for them..but then i realised i didnt c any because otherwise iw ould have seen it. Welldone Leadtek O.o?

5286 for those fancy 3dmark05 users, i ran it after playing guild wars for sometime, and had nothing to do, i didnt restart, azureaus was running,navirus,nis,msn,cable login ^_^;

11-08-04, 03:53 AM
This Driver has Overlay Video Scaling Issues with
a MSI 6800GT OrgBiosVersion v5.
and PowerDVD v5.0.1203
MPEG2 DVD Videos in Fullscreenmode 1280x1024
the Videoimage is Doubled andsome kind of Interlaced.
In WindowMode it is all ok.

BSPlayer WMV-HD Playback
VMR9 Mode is ok and the "o" Zoom Pan&Scan.
in OverlayMode1 the Zoom Mode shows the same Problem as in PowerDVD .

Th it seem there are some Issues with PowerDVD in the NVIDIA DVD Decoder the MPEG2 DVD Image also in Fullscreen is okay that seems not so funny why not with PowerDVD5

11-08-04, 04:53 AM
I had to install the drivers with the modified .inf, it didn't give me a default 6800 ultra selection with my eVGA. Drivers work nicely in games, but I get this old school looking control pannel for my performance preferences which has a slider that only goes up to "Quality" for my image settings. Is this because of the moded inf file I had to use or is everyone getting this?

11-08-04, 04:53 AM
d/ling right now. gotta ? tho. are they WHQL?

11-08-04, 05:26 AM

11-08-04, 05:27 AM
Ok tested with VST and CS:S

Overall IQ: 65.73>66.93>66.81
Performance: 66.93>66.81>65.73

Have to say that the AA quality of this driver is worse (Many area seems 2xaa is applied instead of 4xaa) but it is acceptable,it is still a better choice over 66.81 if you play CS:S, it provides a balance of IQ and performance.

However if you need the best image quality 65.73 is still your best friend. Btw the default colour of 66.93 seems greenish compare with the 65.73. End of story.

11-08-04, 05:28 AM
Just tested them in NFS HP2, and i see more shimmering with these than i do with the 65.73.

11-08-04, 05:36 AM
I'll stick with the 70.41's.

Me too, best driver for my 6800U. I'm looking foward to newer 70xx's

11-08-04, 06:54 AM
I got a tiny performance boost from these drivers, but the image quality compared to my modded 66.81's is considerably worse, will swtich back soon.

Also, I noticed more shimmering in CS:S, although the white lines had gone.

Install via Device Manager (Update Driver) on any 6800.

11-08-04, 10:24 AM
these drivers are pretty smooth in ONLINE play...

i agree, the image display has gotten pixelly a bit, but the white lines in CS:S is gone :) (i was on trilinear mode to get rid of them)

ill keep these

11-08-04, 10:24 AM
What do you guys mean by the IQ is worse exactly? It seems fine to me. Can you provide screenshots? I still am very happy with these.

11-08-04, 10:48 AM
These drivers are VERY fast, I have seen some glitches here and there that weren't with the 65.73 drivers (seen a flash of white texture in CS:S) but willing to allow it for the nice performance increase since they aren't often. I can chalk it up to the drivers and not OC since I didn't have them in previous drivers at the same clock. ;)