View Full Version : 2 Absolutely AWESOME games!

11-08-04, 05:01 PM
Firstly, i got Flatout the other day... It's fully sick, with all of the races and other inclusive options... Gotta love the high jump score of 339.83m... But apart from that, I GOT HALO 2 YESTERDAY! Unfortunately for i got it yesterday morning before work (yes today is the 9th), so i had to wait until after work to play it... I'm not going to spoil anything for you guys, but all the hype is true! Not to mention the sheer amazement of how they managed to pull off graphics that good on a GeForce 3... I love the new assault rifle... Zooming is good for headshots... I'm seriously considering giving the LAN this weekend a miss to play more Halo 2...

Might i also add that the outtakes on the Collectors Edition DVD are quite hilarious... Also the Behind the scenes at bungie is pretty funny too. Very intuitive.

11-08-04, 05:21 PM
Sweet, man. I have to wait until 12:01 tomorrow morning, but *shrug*. Glad you're having a blast. Also - kudos for not blasting OMGWTFBBQ TEH COVENAT ARE REAELY ALEIN CHIKKENS! all over the place. :)

11-08-04, 05:22 PM
Actually, they are quite tough in this one... Been killed bout 3 times already, but mainly due to not used to controller. Bought the Xbox specially for Halo 2.

11-08-04, 05:26 PM
"Zooming is good for headshots..."

figured that one out did ya?

11-08-04, 05:29 PM
No, but the last assault rifle didn't include a zoom but the pistol did. I was rather disappointed with that.

11-09-04, 12:28 AM
"Zooming is good for headshots..."

figured that one out did ya?

11-09-04, 12:47 AM
Im still waiting for my flatout copy :( How are the destruction bowls?? Thats what Im really looking forward to :)

11-09-04, 02:55 AM
destruction bowls are cool. Wide open areas, with 7 other opponents... they even made it with the speed bowl siding... (the curved quarter pipe wall that you just drive around to reach upwards of 250km/h

11-09-04, 03:05 AM
destruction bowl

11-09-04, 07:02 AM
what destruction bowls?! like in destruction derby?!

11-09-04, 07:23 AM
Yep like destruction derby ... but slightly different.

If your driver gets knocked out of the car you loose. I think this is very hard be cause it dosent take much to be thrown out of the car.

11-09-04, 07:25 AM
The game looks very rough... does it have normal racing or is it all DD style? Only DD game I enjoyed was DD2 for the PSX.

11-09-04, 11:40 AM
you mean you cant just kill someone by damaging their car enough? Also there is no damage indicator?

11-10-04, 02:46 PM
There is a damage indicator... you can only get knocked out of your car when that is full. And this is the closest any game has gotten to Destruction Derby since Burnout 1.