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11-08-04, 08:25 PM
Uninstalled 56.72 from add/remove then ran DC3 from safe mode. I couldn't remember what registry folder to delete so I skipped that part. After normal boot I installed the 61.77 drivers. My problems are: a demo game that was working fine before 61.77 now runs unplayable-y slow and with lots of garbled graphics and text. I know its just a demo but this problem may carry over to the retail verision when its released. The biggest problem is that I could no longer change my screen resolution from 1024x768, niether up nor down. When i try to all I get is black screen with the color bars produced by the monitors internal software with some info to correct the pc screen or something to that extent. I was able to correct this by changing the display timing mode in properties from auto-detect to GTF, but I would still apreciate any insite on this issue since there may be some link with the game demo issue. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!

Windows XP home
Abit NF7S Ver. 2
FX 5200 non-ultra(I know, you don't even have to say it.)
Cheap old compaq mv520 monitor
256mb crucial memory
Oh, the demo is NFSU2

11-08-04, 08:36 PM
try these drivers


install thru device manager

11-08-04, 11:00 PM
thanks rewt. to install this version so i still need to go through the usual uninstall and driver cleaner. and also, do you remember the registry folder that needs to be deleted. thanks again

11-08-04, 11:17 PM
you don't have to delete any registry folders. they are automatically deleted when uninstalling the driver from add/remove or device manager.

go to device manager (to get there, hit windows key + pause key, go to hardware tab, and click device manager button). Now click the "+" beside Display adapters, right-click your video card and go to Uninstall. Go thru all the steps, and reboot.

Now when you get back to windows go thru the same procedure, only instead of uninstall, this time you will click Update Driver. Choose specific location in which 66.93 resides and go thru the steps.

If all this seems too complicated, just install 66.77 (ftp://download.nvidia.com/windows/66.77/) (download, click run). much easier to install but they are not as new.

11-09-04, 12:35 AM
Yea windows xp does a much better job of cleaning up the add/remove programs registry entries

11-09-04, 06:22 AM
not complicated at all rewt. worked like a charm. meanwhile i installed coolbits2. the analyze for overclock feature is "COOL". thanks again.