View Full Version : Generic ram vs Name Brand Comparision

11-08-04, 11:47 PM
Just wondering what performance gains I will be looking at from moving from generic ram at 2.5-3-3-8 to Cosair 3200XL pro ram 2-2-2-5 with my system specs below. If anyone can be of any help. Current bandwidth of ram is 2715 on SISsoftware Sandra. What implications will double the bandwidth have in gaming if any. It was stupid of me getting my system with generic ram but at the time I was a bit short of cash. (should have got the GT, I opted for the 6800 ultra instead hehe)

11-08-04, 11:57 PM
Hmmm... well for gaming its probably just a few more frames... But if you have the money, its a good investment.

11-09-04, 12:00 AM
Hmm i just ran sandra Memory Bandwidth benchmark and mine shows 4046/4057. I had two browser windows open, WinAmp and few other apps running. My ram is running at 3-3-3-8.

11-09-04, 12:02 AM
Well my RAM is al chepo OEM crap :) and it shows 2715

11-10-04, 03:59 AM
I am more concerned about textures being loaded when first seen in a PC game, (eg shooting the first bullet in farcry). I might get the occational glitch every minite or so. Will faster RAM solve this problem? Anyone solved this problem with faster RAM? Am I the only one experiencing these problems? Can getting 50fps on first run on Doom 3 timedemo then 86 fps on second run be fixed by faster ram?