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11-09-04, 01:12 PM
Well as some of you know, a stick of RAM has been dieing in my rig for some time now. I was getting a lot of CRC errors when installing the latest games, memtest was giving me loads of failed messages when doing it's thing and I was getting GFX corruption in CoD. I knew the stick of RAM which had Matrix written on it was the problem, as my system was alot better with just 512 RAM inside. The problem comes when trying to play games with 512 after you are used to playing with 1gig.

I ordered a new Corsair VS1GBKIT333 from eBuyer costing me 130 (I really couldnt wait, so I had it on priority delievery), bringing my system upto a full on 1.5gig of Ram and now I am really hammering the memory. Games look great, CoD has no problems now and my task manager can be seen below. Lots of availble memory :D


All 3 sticks of RAM in my rig are CL2.5 so it seemed a shame to loose the 512 generic stick when it appears to run perfect with it in.

The stick of Matrix memory suffered a horrible pain of death. I was gonna shove it between my cheeks and call this thread "**** Ram" but feared it would get locked and deleted :P I simply snapped it clean in half and binned it (after removing each chip with a butchers knife - for revenge you understand)

So yeah.. happy ending really :D

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11-09-04, 08:47 PM
Don't buy generic ram it is crap. Mine is getting errors in memtest and tommorow im getting some geilx low latecy ram at 2-2-2-5. I made a mistake with an OEM power supply and a mistake with the RAM. My power supply blew up, and now my ram is dying.

11-09-04, 11:10 PM
Kingston Value RAM is the best for $$$!! I have 2 sticks of KVR PC2100 running WAY over PC2700 speeds @ 2-2-2-6!! It is just as good as my Corsair XMS!!! Samsung rules!! (my KVR uses Samsung modules)

11-10-04, 12:59 AM
Don't buy generic ram it is crap.

Agreed. I was saying to a friend of mine last night it was gonna be the last time I went to our local shop to buy generic RAM. I have always had problems with the first few sticks I buy for any system I have made upto now. This is my first time using a branded make and it is working flawlessly first time.