View Full Version : Is There A Fix or Way Around Gamepads Lagging Games?

11-10-04, 09:43 PM
I have a Thrustmaster Firestorm USB gamepad, it never used to do this till recently, possibility of new SP2/Nforce2 Drivers but in some games (thief 3, expand rally, undeerground 2 demo) the game runs like i have a crap video card at like 1 FPS and its all laggy and chunking up...when i exit the game, and unplug my USB gamepad and play the game again its all smooth....whats causing this ? my gamepad never used to do this....now its doin it on these games, not all games i can play V8 supercars 2 (RD2), UT2k4, Doom3, NFSHP2, Ford Racing 3, Shadow OPS, ETC without ne problems but those games i mentioned b4 are alwyas chunking up with the USB controller in, i mean its not reoccuring, it always does it, and also thief 3 doesnt require my controller in but when i leave it in it does it...

now this is a big issue because i plan to play underground 2 with my gamepad but it does this to me...its actually quite annoying...does anyone know a fix or somethign to fix it, is it a IRQ problem? shood i format a reinstall windows with the gamepad still plugged while installing (didnt do that b4 plugged controller in when installation was done and installed drivers)

i aint comp illeterate i have all the latest drivers etc but this one stomps me, im cut at it tho... ive tried numerous USB Ports still no go, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers and hardware in device manager and add/remove programs, also tried about 3 different driver versions, (bundled CD's drivers, WU's Drivers, Updated drivers from manufacturers) and still no go.....sorry for the amount of info i understand if u's cant be stuffed reading it...lol...thanx

11-10-04, 10:35 PM
I had the same problem with a wireless USB gamepad. Anytime it was plugged in it caused low framerates in games because it kept polling and looking for the gamepad I assume which was eating up cpu time. Anyways we got rid of it and got a NON wireless USB game pad and it's been happy fragging since.

11-11-04, 10:01 AM
a shot in the dark, but you may want to check if you have an old version of StarForce hidden system drivers on your computer... they had conflicts with USB gamepads.

look under device manager, show hidden devices.. i believe it will sit in non plug and play devices...

if do, you can find a util out there (buried in starforce's website) to permently remove it.. (if you just remove via device manager, it will pop back up again later)

11-11-04, 10:34 AM
Damn I just checked and you are right i do have 4 instances of Starforce in there. See this page for removal instructions. http://www.onlinesecurity-on.com/protect.phtml?c=55