View Full Version : Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 speaker system

11-11-04, 01:23 AM
If you have the same set of speakers I would like to know which of the three bigger speakers is the center speaker seeing that is had a 20w rating and the satellites has 8W

The speakers are not marked to I can not determin which on is the center speaker


92 Watts total RMS power
- Front / Rear satellites : 8 Watts RMS per speaker
(Measured @ 10% THD @ 1kHz, one channel driven)
- Center satellite : 20 Watts RMS
(Measured @ 10% THD @ 1kHz, one channel driven)
- Subwoofer : 24 Watts RMS
(Measured @ 10% THD @ 1kHz)

184 Watts peak power
Signal-to-Noise-Ratio: 80 dB
Overall Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz

11-11-04, 12:55 PM
If they all look identical, then they probably are. Most likely its just the center channel that gets more juice than the others, so whatever speaker you plug there will get the 20W.

I dont know this for sure, but thats usually how it works with other systems.

11-12-04, 01:11 AM
Cool I'm sure thats how it is Thanx