View Full Version : Men of Valor Problem

11-11-04, 12:41 PM
It seems patch 1.2 can only be installed on the US Version. I got the UK one.

Can someone please mail me the file: MOV PC EULA 8-24-04.txt

which is where the install fails.

To: PeterMertin@gmx.de

That would be very kind. Thanks in advance.

11-11-04, 01:28 PM
I hope it helps you install the patch ???

11-11-04, 04:31 PM
Yes but I also need the: ReadMe.txt

This file version check is driving me nuts!

11-11-04, 05:19 PM
:retard: Man, there are nearly 70 people browsing this forum there has to be someone that owns MOV.


11-11-04, 06:08 PM
nah no one likes it lol

11-11-04, 07:47 PM
Uhm, if I read right, on www.3dgamers.com, Men of Valor (UK version) is already at 1.3. The 1.3 patch for the game says "This file updates the North American retail version of Men of Valor to version
1.3. It allows North American versions of the game to "talk" correctly with
European versions and is required for online play."

So it sounds to me like it's downgrading the game.....


11-12-04, 05:05 PM
Do NOT use that patch. It is not Official. The Official 1.3 will be out soon.