View Full Version : If given $130 to spend on hw, where to spend it???

11-11-04, 01:28 PM
Just curious

11-11-04, 01:40 PM
well.. what do you have?

me personally, I'd spend it on a flatbed scanner, color ink refills, and I may crumble and get a Audigy 2 ZS.

I'm already content what I have otherwise on my PC for at least the next year or two.

and one of those stress ball thingies.. heh

11-11-04, 01:43 PM
what are your specs?

Bill The Cat
11-11-04, 01:51 PM
I'd go with a Raptor. If there are other areas where you can dramatically improve performance, work on those first, but a Raptor makes just enough of a difference to put a smile to your face.

11-11-04, 02:16 PM
well I'm content with my base system, and I have $$ set aside for a big upgrade next spring.

Right now I'm on dual Opteron 246's, 2GB RAM, and a 160GB HD. I also have a GeForce 6800 (Gigabyte)

The money I have is extra "play" money. I don't want an iPod, but I'm curious to see what kind of gadgets people are into.

11-11-04, 03:58 PM
if you like racing sims, then get the Logitech DFP. 900 degs of rotation, optical pot for the wheel..ball bearing shaft. pedals are the only major letdown (although they aren't bad, just wished they were better than prev vers)

Its for PS2, but it works perfectly with the PC, especially the sims.. (arcade games usually a "noob'd" by tuning the steering chars to a small analog stick or worse, digital buttons)

This is the wheel that GT4 is marketing with.

11-11-04, 05:27 PM
Got a DVD-RW drive? I know it's the next upgrade on my list.

Or do you have dual displays? If not, go for that, it rocks I love my dual setup. Check out http://www.nm-select.com they have refurbished NEC and Mitsubishi LCD displays for only $199 :drooling:

11-11-04, 06:20 PM
I'd get either a DVDRW (dual layer) drive or save up another $20 and get a 3000+ .09.

Bill The Cat
11-11-04, 07:56 PM
I'd get either a DVDRW (dual layer) drive or save up another $20 and get a 3000+ .09.

Or if you already have a DVD-DL you could buy ten or so DL discs :-P. (Those prices need to come down.)

I doubt he'll be wanting to trade in dual 246 oppys for the brute power that is a 3000+ S939, however *Grin*

11-11-04, 08:27 PM
Actually id spend it on a nice set of speakers if you dont have good ones already, really make a diffrence : )