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11-11-04, 02:49 PM
I have this issue and im not sure if this is the right place to post this "i need help' thread
I just set up my 2 comps at home with a linksys router. Both have internet access and both can share files.
But the problem is, when I check my ip address on both computers, they have the same IP. I think this is the problem.
I try to play enemy territory but I can't have both comps connected to a server. one or both get disconnected.
Does someone know the work around for this?

winxp home on comp1 and winxp pro on comp2
please please please help

11-11-04, 06:03 PM
Hmmm. I have the same set-up at my house. I have never experienced this problem. Have you tired many different servers? I have had 5 or 6 people playing CS from my home on the same server. Do other games work fine or have you only tired ET?

11-11-04, 11:01 PM
actually.. it was the server :P
but I do have one question. When I host a game, and someone in my house playing on the other comp joins by IP. Is that the ip the router assigns me, like i can't test it out right now, just curius if thats how it works.

11-12-04, 06:06 AM
try this:

upgrade your firmware in the linksys router (read the instructions, not responsible for you hosing your router)

connect one computer first, making sure you are fully connected, then start the second client.

If you both start at the same time the server is trying to reply via the default port to one address for both computers, which will not work.

Most quake based games can do this but older linksys routers had problems thus needs the latest firmware updates.

Hosting a server is another thing, you need to forward ports to said server. If someone on your privates network, 192.168.x.x is trying to connect, have them try the private IP not the public one.

Once you start forwarding ports to your server you will not be able to play as any needed ports will only go to the IP you have set.

I pay 2$ extra a month for an extra IP address from my cable provider, helps in these types of situations.

Good luck

11-12-04, 07:19 AM
TBH for internet gamming I dont play on servers I host on my home PC. I generally only play on dedicated servers. But lets say you are only doing a 2 player lan game then the IP the router gives you works (like

11-13-04, 04:56 PM
You will actually have the same global IP address when you go out on the internet unless you purchase more than one address form your internet provider...but when you play a Lan game you want to use the local IP address that the router assigns to your computer because your not sending any information globally.