View Full Version : Figured out the cause of my Flatout BSOD problem!

11-11-04, 08:56 PM
Turns out that it was Clone view that made Flatout Bsod om me a few seconds in to a race.

I always have my display set to single display and when I want to use the TV I just switch with a key combo.

So this all explains why Flatout Bsod with the latest drivers and also when I reverted back to the previous working ones, as all drivers set Clone view as default.

This is on PoV 6800(nu)
Problem solved :D

If this works for you, please do tell

11-12-04, 03:48 PM
By the way, I have confirmd this by enableing Clone view and testing the game ... and then I get BSOD, so im 110% sure of this, perhaps it will help others who have BSOD problems, dunno for ati users though

11-12-04, 07:29 PM
I only have one monitor connected, so I dont think I have this clone option. Where would I look for it?

11-12-04, 07:55 PM
I think you should be fine if you only have one display device connected.

But you find it in the Nvidia options page. "nView Display settings"

With new drivers it defaults to Clone View and that causes problems.
I have my tv connected to the gfx card so I must set it to Slingle display, but that is my preferd option anyway.

You could go to the Troubleshooing tab and check the box in "my connected tv is not being detected" This should enable you to set Single display under "nView Display settings"

11-13-04, 01:05 AM
im getting a bsod after about 3 min of play and im only useing one crt and im running the 66.72.....any idea specs in sig

11-13-04, 08:58 AM
The BSOD I get is just a few seconds in to the race, so Im confident that you get BSOD for another reason.

I red here at the board that some users must have V-Sync ON, if not the game crash. You might want to try that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, be sure to test the game with stock speed of all your hardware, sometimes it's as simple as that.