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11-11-04, 10:03 PM
I'm playing it at 1280 with the 66.93s. Lags down to mid 20 FPS a lot. Anyone else having better luck?

11-12-04, 12:44 AM
If I turn off light glow and light trails, my performance is amazingly better. I can pump everything up and even have full anti-aliasing, compared to where I used to have half settings and gets worse frame rates. Try that, your performance should boost greatly. AND extreme contrast. That off makes the game look better, and perform better

I have a glitch in NFSU:2, for some reason the texture is really messed up


This is with all settings at highest except light trails and extreme contrast. And I tried with both of those on, still no change. And tried 3 driver sets, still no change. I wonder what screwed them up so much. They were good in the demo, why is the final so crap


11-12-04, 12:57 AM
Extreme contrast?? Whats that?? Any pictures with and without??

11-12-04, 01:24 AM
Extreme contrast?? Whats that?? Any pictures with and without??

I'm messing with my settings right now. I'll take some shots before I go to sleep, hopefully my pixelation will be gone too!

Extreme contrast is on the bottom of the options list, or near it at least


11-12-04, 02:00 AM
Sorry, I was wrong, I meant enhanced contrast, not extreme


WITH Enhanced contrast


WITHOUT Enhanced contrast


In motion they look different too. In motion (and not in motion) I prefer it without. So does my performance


11-12-04, 02:28 AM
Nice, thanks for the info, how big is the perfromance impact??

Whats your system specs??

11-12-04, 08:17 AM
You'd have to test for yourself the performance, NFSU makes it kinda hard to benchmark. Download the demo and try that, honestly I'd say the game performs about how the demo does. I'm on an FX5900 so that might be why my performance is impacted so much. I heard a lot of 6800 users got a big imact if they turned off enhanced contrast in the demo thread, but beyond that I dunno


P.s. I'll play some more after I get home from school. Tomrrow is my birthday, today is my drive test (3rd times a charm) and I have school today, so it's all very hectic. Hardly any game time. Was up till midnight taking those screen shots =)

11-12-04, 08:26 AM
I think I will try the 61.77 drivers today when I get home from work. Ive enabled/disabled options, changed res and still nothing changes it a whole lot. Disabled fog did help more than anything I think. I dont ever run with light glow or motion blur, I think those are some REALLY lame effects (esp the blur). I didn't buy a $400 VC to see FRAPS tell me I'm dropping to 21fps sometimes. There has to be some way to get some better framerates out of this thing.

11-12-04, 09:20 AM
Kev 13dd: Congrats on all!

And it seems that your Quake1 pixelation prob is gone.
Unfortunatly, I have the same problem, so would you mind telling me how to get rid of it? (I tried the enhanced contrast, but to no avail).

11-12-04, 10:08 AM
It has been a lil while since I have had NFSU on my system, but as I recall it absolutely screamed. Much faster and smoother than my 9800pro. I forgot what driver I was using. I dont have any pauses on my setup now, just frames dropping way too low IMO. Most the time I get an average of 40-60 I guess, sometimes going to mid-low 20s. 30+ seems to run pretty smooth. The readme that came with the final version of the game says:

NVIDIA Cards: All supported NVIDIA cards were tested using ForceWare
driver version 61.77 (Win2k/XP) and 61.76 (Win98/ME). It is highly
recommended this driver or a more recent version be used when running

I wish we could come up with some sort of benchmark for it.

Elvin Presler
11-12-04, 12:57 PM
The pixel thing should go away after a game restart. I'm not sure what causes it in the first place. Low filtering?

One thing I've found is turning your headlights off helps a LOT. I gain 15 FPS by killing the headlights alone (on an XP2700, 6800GT). They eat more of your framerate than antialiasing! This may depend on what other effects you have on that are affected by the lights.

Basically, you just want to kill a whole lot of those cutesy effects in the menu though. I can go from 30 FPS to about 90 FPS depending on what I leave on. Another one that causes a noticable slowdown is the Particle Effects (smoke from tires, fire from exhaust, and dust from the road) but it's also a lot of the best looking parts that get turned off with it.

11-12-04, 01:49 PM
Turning off that stuff makes the game look too *flaccid* for me..
The framerate is playable, not extremely fluid, but I'll live with it.

1280x1024 with AA about 1/4 way up and everything else turned on and maxed out on 6800GT/3.06 P4/1024mb RAM.

11-12-04, 02:45 PM
I've never noticed the pixelation issue myself. It could have been there, I was just going too fast to see it ;-)

What drivers are you using pikachuman? And whats the lowest FPS you hit?

11-12-04, 05:28 PM
Damn. Now I have the pixelation issue. What's the fix for it? Am trying the 61.77 and so far it's performing about the same.

11-12-04, 05:37 PM
Well, I know every hates these posts, but I am having no probs with Underground 2. I had the pixelation prob, but after quitting the game then entering it again its disappeared. Who knows why. Anyway I'm running at 1280*1024 full in game AA and full in game AF, motion blur off. Everything else on high with the 66.93 drivers and the 1.1 patch applied. I had huge problems with the demo, but the full version is fine. Framerate is smooth and there is no nvidia stutter that I had with underground.

I know this post isn't really gonna help peoples out there. But I'll try to help if anyone wants to compare systems and driver settings to see what the prob is with the game and nvidia cards

11-12-04, 07:31 PM
My pixelation problem went away with the 67.50

Putting it to High Quality and increasing Antisotropic filtering helps a lot to get rid of the pixelation. Doesn't hurt performance too much. Honestly I get better it seems on High Quality than I do with High Performance

67.50 drivers got rid of the pixelation even at high performance (even though they still don't look as good as demo) I believe. It could of been a lurking variable, but ever since I installed the 67.50 I get no pixelation!


11-13-04, 10:21 AM
Lastnight, I played on a friends P4 2.0 with 9700pro. Now I dont feel so bad. haha. He was getting down to 12-13fps a lot and topped out about 30fps. He was running 1024x768 with no AA/AF and a lot of the settings turned to low or off. Pixelation is gone again for me too. I dont know what I did to change it. I'm running: 61.77 1280x1024 AA/AF app pref, vsynch off, both optimizations on, game has all settings turned on except light trails, motion blur, enhanced contrast, and raindrops. I feel good about it now cause Im at least getting double or more his FPS.

11-14-04, 12:23 AM
66.93 was really slow and sloppy. 61.77 gave me the micro pause problem. 61.88 with v sync on and now its looking great and running smooth!!!!!!! I recommend using 61.88

screenshot here


11-14-04, 01:33 AM
66.93 was really slow and sloppy. 61.77 gave me the micro pause problem. 61.88 with v sync on and now its looking great and running smooth!!!!!!! I recommend using 61.88

screenshot here


Just for you I'll try it! BTW wha are your system specs?

Btw again... where can one get 61.88 drivers?


11-14-04, 12:44 PM
Well good to see im not the only one questioning NFSU2 performance :retard: , I loaded up FRAPS and started messing with nfsu's graphic settings, I watched the counter go from 42FPS to my max 85FPS (Vsync on @ 85hz refresh) just by disabling FSAA.. If you cant bare without FSAA then disabling Light Glow gives a pretty good boost in FPS ..but the game looses a lot of eye candy this way.. currently im playing it with no FSAA / 1280x960 and everything else maxed except Vsync is disabled, I hate disabling vsync but I increased the refresh to 100Hz and its actualy not bad.. im averaging 45-50fps with these settings ,using 66.93 drivers.

11-14-04, 06:23 PM
Im stunned.. This game looks incredible and are soo fun to play!

It also runs perfect (very fast) on my rig with 66.93 (disabled "light trails" and
"Enhanced contrast").
Pixelation was there at first run but went away when restarting the game.

:clap: :nanahump: :clap:

11-14-04, 07:31 PM
66.93 drivers... :) 1024x768 maxx settings... this game rocks!!!! :)



I see you like the Holden VY Monaro... More commonly known in America as the Pontiac GTO. @ stock that car is 325 kilowatts of power.

11-15-04, 06:21 AM
The road looks the same as with the pixelation, but the AF just smoothes it.
It still looks like ****.

12-15-04, 12:12 PM
i have some performance issues as well... tried the newest drivers, still nothing. And yes, i have turned down a lot of the details :(

12-15-04, 06:25 PM
I had the pixelation issue when I was messing with the settings, but rebooting the game cleared it.
Frame rates are poor but playable just don't put Fraps on or you will wince when you see a 1300 system drop to 25fps....., Good old EA :). I've not really messed with turning off different settings, I like all the bling :)

I also have the problems with mini pauses in NFSU. Nothing like a good bit of programing.