View Full Version : nForce4 Timing and 6800GT PCI Express...

11-12-04, 03:00 PM
Anyone know when the nForce4 mobo and 6800GT PCI Express are scheduled to hit store shelves and also approximately what they will cost?

Also, when they both come out is it expected you could throw in 2 6800GT's right away to get SLI working or is this expected to be software (or even hardware) upgrades down the road...



11-12-04, 09:21 PM
No idea exactly when they are coming out, but you need an nForce 4 SLI to use SLI, as well as SLI supporting video drivers.

Also, the two video cards need to be as identical as possible, so buying another down the road may not always be possible as manufacturers sometimes change cards slightly (different BIOS etc). Still no one knows just yet how picky it will be.

11-13-04, 06:10 PM
I got two 6800GTs pci-express version off of ebay. gameve.com has been selling 6800 pci-express ultras.