View Full Version : Multi-card OpenGL Problem

11-13-04, 12:03 AM
My setup:

GF6800GT - DVI -> Main 18" LCD
GF2MX - HD15 -> Secondary 15" LCD

The reason I use two cards is that when I first got the 6800GT I had a known issue where Doom3 would seriously slow down at specific occasions (Imp throws fireball etc). The workaround to this was to go into the Nvidia settings and set the Acceleration Mode to Single Display - however this always defaulted the accelerated display to the HD15 connector. I therefor opted to add an old MX card to run the secondary monitor and all was well.

Now however after upgrading to 67.50 (Although it's the same with 66.93) OpenGL runs really slowly (10+secs per frame - DX is fine as is Video) if the MX card is enabled (Extend desktop to this display business) but is fine when the display is disabled. I want to stay with 67.50 simply because it's the best driver for CS:Source and more than likely HL2.

Anyone had the same issue?
Anyone know if the Doom 3 multi display problem is fixed in the newer drivers?