View Full Version : Nv5 + Bfg6800 Gt Oc

11-13-04, 03:57 PM
With the STOCK heatsink, when I turn my computer on, I car hear that the vidcard fans are at full speed (very noisy), but when the Windows drivers are loaded, the fans drop to a lower rotation.

I'm buying a NV5 for my card, but my question is:

Is the NV5 fan prepared for this fan rotation drop??? I mean, when the drivers are loaded and the card lowers the rotation of the fans, won't the NV5 fans run at too low of a speed?

11-13-04, 04:54 PM
The fan speed is controlled by the driver's based on the temperature of the card. The warmer the card, the higher the fan speed. So if the NV5 fan is connected to the card, it will adjust its speeds accordingly. If the NV5 doesn't connect to the card, and instead connects to a regular molex connector, it won't be affected by the video card's fan speed controller. (I've never used an NV5, so I dont' know how they connect, but it should work fine in any scenario.)

Yes, I know that. Its logical.
But I've never seen my fans go to a higher speed when I put load to the GPU. A least, never as LOUD as the boot-up speed.

11-13-04, 06:17 PM
The NV5 does indeed slow down when windows loads. You can't so much as tell from the noise (as it's really quite compared to stock) but from the amount of air coming out the back. As the temps increase, so does the fan speed (again this is being based on amount of air coming out the back). One thing to watch when you install it is make sure there isn't a dead spot under the card (by dead spot I mean a spot where there is no air circulation). When I first installed my card, my hard drives were blocking any air from reaching the NV5. My temps were about 5 degrees warmer than with stock cooling. I did a little rearranging so now the air from the front fans is channeled directly to the NV5 and my temps have dropped to 2-3 degrees below what they were with stock cooling. You're temps will drop probably 10+ degrees as yours is a GT and mine is an Ultra. Good luck with your NV5 :)