View Full Version : Problems with Image quality in Doom3

11-13-04, 05:48 PM
I'd appreciate any help someone can offer concerning image quality (image tearing I think it is called) when I am moving in the game. I have a Geforce 6800 GT AGP 8x installed, with a P42.4 and 1 gig of memory.

This problem does not occur for FarCry, Pain Killer, or Call of Duty, only Doom3. I have the newest driver installed 6693, but still are having the issue. The image quality sort of sucks, and since I really wanted to play Doom3, I'm very dissapointed. I figure it might be a wrong setting I have, but again I installed the driver and left everything on default.

Again thanks for your help.


11-13-04, 08:57 PM
VSync. Make sure it is on. Or else the tearing is horrible (at least with my LCD it is)