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11-14-04, 01:36 PM
Hello all.

I am a bit of a tech newb so bear with me.

Here are my system's specs -

All stock speeds minus 6800 which is OCd out of the box by 20 mgz.
AMD 3500 (135 nm)
Asus A8V Deluxe
BFG 6800 GT
Seagate Barracuda 120
430 W Antec
Win XP Pro SP 2
RAM - see below

I have been having constant lockups. with seemingly no pattern (surfing and gaming). I also get BSODs while gaming with this NV4_DSP.dll error, not to be confused with the ever-more popular NV4_disp.dll error.

I have reseated RAM, video card. Installed a dozen drivers, using Driver Cleaner (most recent version) in safe mode between every change. Checked all cables. New mobo drivers (4 in 1). Memtest86 and MemDiag all report 0 errors. No overheating problelms per Everest. Ran 3d Mark2003 6 times no lockups. (11,500 score).

My RAM is 2 x 512 OCZ DDR 400 3200 EL DC K. I realized after I bought this RAM that it is not on ASUS's "tested RAM" list. However, this is pretty much top of the line RAM, so I did not think it would be an issue. Anyone have problems with this?

Also, I only have BIOS 1006. Would it help to upgrade? I would rather not mess with the BIOS as I have been told that there is a 15-20% chance of messing it up doing it your first time, and, well, this would be my first time. :)

Thank you very much for any advice!!!

11-15-04, 02:51 AM
1. Tried downclocking GPU to stock speeds?

2. Could try flashing the GPU BIOS to a newer version - go here for a look: http://www.mvktech.net/

3. What revision is your mobo? I have a 1.02 (early) revision and have stuck with the 1003 BIOS - I understand from posts on other boards that the 1006 BIOS and above are better suited for the 2.0 rev boards. ASUS boards have built-in software to make BIOS flashing a little easier...

4. RAM timings - have you tried manually setting them in the ASUS BIOS? My mobo BIOS kept setting my 2-2-2-5 RAM at 2-3-2-5 in Auto mode... also had to manually disable 2T command to get 1T. Though your RAM doesn't sound like it is the problem....

5. SP2 for XP? Plenty of people report problems since patching up.

#2 solved the display/lockup problems I was having when I first put together my system: A64 3500+, A8V, Corsair XMS 1GB, 6800 Ultra, Antec 550W, XP Pro SP1, WD Raptor Raid 1.

11-15-04, 09:31 PM
Hello Idoru,

Thanks for the pointers. A few of those suggestions you made I am not too familiar with, and to be honest, messing with my GTs BIOS gets me a bit nervous as it voids my lifetime warranty per BFG. However...

I have made some progress. As I said, I have 2 x sticks of 512 OCZ DDR 400 3200 EL DC K.

I ran memtest86 and memdiag and it passed with both dimms in there. No errors after 2 passes. I am using the correct slots on the motherboard per the manual.

I took one dimm out, and have been running fine. (Keeping fingers very very crossed). So this appears to an issue with my the A8V not being able run 2 dimms? Is this a known issue? Maybe something to do with "Dual Channels" thing?

11-15-04, 09:43 PM
it might be dual channel thats the problem. well, sort of, i had a similar problem that had me locking up randomly with that motherboard. turns out, i was having problems setting the ddr voltage to 2.7 or 2.8, so i changed it to auto and everything worked fine after that.

11-15-04, 10:40 PM
"i was having problems setting the ddr voltage to 2.7 or 2.8, so i changed it to auto and everything worked fine after that."

It's worth a try!

How can I determine what the ddr volatage is and what it is supposed to be? RAM dependent or mobo dependent?

Do I make this change in the mobo BIOS I assume?

Plus, is there any risk in doing this?


11-16-04, 12:42 AM
ocz specifies the voltage your ram is supposed to run at. i see two different revisions of your ram, revision 1 requires 2.6 volts, while revision 2 requires 2.75. the best thing to do is just to leave it set to auto in the bios. there is no risk at all to doing this because the bios will basically read the spd from the memory and set the voltage accordingly.