View Full Version : Bios Flash problem

11-14-04, 11:08 PM
It seems my AN7 has a bad bios. I flashed it about a week ago to version 17.

A few days later it displayed an error at POST saying it was in safe mode (not to be confused with windows safe mode). I entered the bios and used default settings and problem seemed to be resolved. But every now and then it happened again. Yesterday it just refused to boot. Bios seems to be corrupted.

I have an old soyo board with intel chipset and the same bios award bios chip and attempted to do a hotswap to flash it. Unfortunately awdflash won't let me flash the an7 bios saying its for nforce chipset only.

Is there a way to force a bios flash with awdflash?

11-15-04, 06:41 PM

sometimes I even amaze myself.