View Full Version : Another stuttering problem fix

11-15-04, 08:48 PM
Hello all ... I thought I would post this since I've noticed many people talking about stuttering problems in games with their Geforce cards. I have never had this problem myself until recently, however I discovered something that could possibly be affecting some or all users. A few days ago I updated my drivers to the 67.50 betas, and at the same time I installed a new set of nForce chipset drivers ... i believe they were the 6.14 betas. The next time I loaded up Far Cry, low and behold, stuttering. The first thing I did was reinstall the 61.77 set, however the stuttering was still there, so i tried the 66.93's ... yet still there. I tried disabling DEP, but that didn't help either. The next thing I did was look in my system properties ... and I noticed something in the IDE Controller properties in the device manager. There were 2 new checkboxes I didn't remember seeing before ... read & write caching. I unchecked them and rebooted, and voila, no more stuttering. Anybody who is still having trouble with stuttering should check that out and see if it helps. Sorry if I wrote a novel ... I hope this helps some people sleep better at night :) Good luck!