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11-16-04, 07:13 AM
OK, I know this does not really concern that many people here so forgive me if you think its complete carp but out of curiosity, is it wrong for a distributor to release a game later/earlier than the international release date as stated by the developer/publisher??

I asked this as in my country(Singapore), HL2 has been delayed till Friday because our distributor screwed up and we're are only getting it in 4 days time, I, myself have never heard about something like this happen before but by doing so, doesn't it violate any agreement made by the 2 parties?

Sorry, for such an amazing lame post

PS. yes, everyone here is piss :argh:

EDIT:OK sorry about the spelling

11-16-04, 07:17 AM
Sh it happens, you're just very unlucky, no one has broken any agreements, cancel your order & download @ www.steampowered.com if you cant wait.

Great spelling btw.


11-16-04, 02:22 PM
Relax lah!! (sorry... :))

Think of it on the bright side, your midweek work will not get tainted by HL2's appearance and when you do get HL2 you have the entire weekend to splurge on it.