View Full Version : Low and High Cas Latency Test?

11-16-04, 07:13 AM
Does anyone have a link of a comparison between Low and High Cas Latency performance for Memory? I want to see what I would really be missing out on if I went with 2GB of Cas Latency: 3-3-3-8 VS 1GB 2-2-2-6

11-16-04, 07:32 AM
Chrissake, use the archive section on the front page. i have linked to many memory reviews! And most of them do CAS investigations as wel as overclocking investigations!

Can u not (for a second) muster the enrgy and search for articles etc yourself?

It's getting a little tiring gate. You can search around various websites for links or reviews...my god do u need to be spoonfed everything?

11-16-04, 09:10 AM