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11-15-02, 05:56 PM
Ok all, my new system is nearing completion, and the only thing left that I'm still deciding on is my storage. I have two options to go with: RAID two IDE 80GB drives in RAID 0 and add a 36GB SCSI 10k rpm drive, or get four 100GB IDE HDs and put them in a RAID 0 +1 config. Both will cost about the same. I am watercooling my system, and with the RAID 0 +1 config, I'm not sure if I should cool the drives or not. Anyway, which one should I go with? Both provide about the overall same storage size. Any recommendations would be welcome.

BTW, the IDE drives in both configs are 7200 rpm drives with 8MB cache (WD ones).

11-15-02, 06:17 PM
Go with the SCSI...its a much more intelligent bus.

11-15-02, 06:25 PM
i agree, if you have the money you cant beat a SCSI 10k drive for your windows partition, then use the IDE-Raid for everything else.

11-15-02, 07:05 PM
Do what FastM said if you have the money. As a matter of fact, you can save yourself a bit of dough by picking up an 18 gig SCSI drive and installing Windows on that. Leave the RAID array for your games/apps/etc.

If you were cash strapped, though, I would go with the RAID array. I love mine. :D

11-15-02, 07:30 PM
I've heard that SCSI drives, esp 15k rpm drives, can be loud. I was thinking of getting a 36 GB one, Seagate's latest, but should I opt for a 10k rpm drive or a 15k? It's about $100 difference. And how loud would a SCSI drive be? I'll be using my computer some for DVD watching. Would I be distracted by the drive's noise?

The Baron
11-15-02, 08:03 PM
15k rpm drives get hot and they are very loud. So... unless you've got drive cooling and a 15,000 RPM certified case (yes, I'm serious), don't bother with the 15,000 RPM drive.

11-15-02, 08:21 PM
What about 10k rpm? Would it be too noisy? This (http://www.seagate.com/cda/products/discsales/marketing/detail/0,1081,541,00.html) is the drive I am looking to get and can get for $238 at newegg. Should I get a cooler to encase the drive with to reduce the noise, or should I just watercool it?

The Baron
11-15-02, 08:38 PM
I'm going to say buy a cooler. I know a lot of you are thinking, "Dumbass," but I have a perfectly valid reason. :p Putting a watercooling block next to a 10k rpm drive means that the block will be subject to an insane amount of vibrations. So, if something's not entirely right with the block to begin with, it will die a lot faster and spread some tasty liquid all over your case if it's next to your giant vibrating metallic disk.

It won't run as cool, but if the rest of your rig is watercooled, it shouldn't matter too much.

11-15-02, 08:48 PM
Well, what about noise. Let's say I was watching a DVD and the movie gets quiet in some spots. Would it be distracting? Is there any way to dampen the noise rather than the cooler? The rest of my case will be really quiet since I am watercooling, so I don't want it to stand out.

The Baron
11-15-02, 09:31 PM
I think no matter what you do the drive will be about as loud as a good old fashioned Delta fan. High-end server drives (read: SCSI) are and have always been loud, and 10,000+ RPM ain't gonna help. There's probably nothing you can do about it except maybe dump the SCSI drive... (unless some company makes a dampening enclosure that I'm not aware of)

11-15-02, 09:32 PM
Well that's no good....well how would the Raid 0 +1 config compare to the SCSI one?

The Baron
11-15-02, 09:38 PM
IDE drives have gotten very soft over the years, so it would probably be a hell of a lot better than one SCSI drive.

But, then again, I've never run a 10,000 RPM drive (only heard reports from a lot of people that they're REALLY FREAKIN' LOUD) or four IDE drives at once. But I can't even hear my drives anymore over my case fans (and no, I don't have Delta fans, just normal fans, and it's not that loud). It will probably be a-OK with four IDE. But with SCSI, you'll definitely need some sort of cooling and vibration dampener.

11-15-02, 09:39 PM
Acutally, as all the reviews I have read suggested as well, the drive has two platters, and all reviews are saying that the drive is quiet (the 10k rpm one, dunno about the 15k one), and that it doesn't even get too hot even without cooling. Does anyone own the drive I linked above and can verify this? I'm not doubting the reviews, but I want to hear some personal views from people that actually own this drive.

11-16-02, 08:35 AM
get a "3ware Escalade 7500 or 8500-4" IDE controller, stick in 4 80/100gb ide drives with 8mb cache, and you got more performance than a single scsi disk can give you... :)

check this review for the 8500-4:



11-16-02, 02:33 PM
I'll most likely be using a promise controller if I decide for the RAID 0 +1 config. However, Comdex might shed some new light on storage devices, so I'll be waiting on that....

11-16-02, 06:38 PM
Errr...question. Does anyone know if any new SCSI drives are coming out, say like in the next 2-3 weeks? I've been reading reviews of a lot of upcoming Seagate drives, and it looks like their SATA drive will be sweet as it will be the most quiet drive they've released yet. But I haven't heard much on SCSI....