View Full Version : No AA in BloodRayne 2

11-17-04, 07:57 PM
I just started playing BloodRayne 2 demo and there are jaggies everywhere. Does AA not work in this game?

08-30-05, 12:48 AM
I have the game and still jaggies all over the place. :(

08-30-05, 07:44 AM
I just started playing BloodRayne 2 demo and there are jaggies everywhere. Does AA not work in this game?

Yup, the same problem here, with a 6800nu and the 77.77 drivers. I´m not exactly sure why, but I assume its because Bloodrayne 2 has a bloom effect and maybe it uses the OpenEXR technology on the 6x00 cards that doesn´t support AA. Can anyone with a non-6x00 card try to activate/force AA?

Deus EX 2 also used a bloom effect that when activated, disabled any AA (on my 6800nu) and NFSU2 also has a bloom/HDR effect that disables the AA setting.

Shouldn´t the new 7800 cards be able to use SS (Supersampling) with hardware HDR or bloom effects? I read somewhere, I think the (H) GTX review that they were able to activate SS with HDR in SCCT.

08-30-05, 07:46 AM
Make sure that your setting it in the driver default and not a profile. Seems like profiles are broken...

Downloading the demo now to test it out...

08-30-05, 01:26 PM
It's a port from console, right? Probably doesn't support AA at all.
I noticed that too when playing the demo. It's played the same from 67.66 32-bit until this current 77.79 64-bit set.

Some more info..

The only way to run AA with BR2 atm, is to force super sampling AA. Multi sampling wont work cause game uses render targets & the control panel only forces AA for the frame buffer, not for the targets.

The only way to add AA to this game is with a patch.

I hope they add FSAA & 3D sound fix in the patch.


I'll check that out a little later with different modes in nhancer.

I tried 4x4SS on the demo with no luck either. Might work on the full game though. Give it a try.

12-15-05, 03:41 PM
In rivatuner, select '4x4' AA. It will force super sampling AA. But, still the result isn't perfect. It will just resize the render target output to an image 4x times bigger, & then downsample it again. I did some screenshots to compare it. It adds some smoothing to the edges, but still not perfect.

Even with a X1800 card, it doesn't work, despite of ATI said that FSAA on render targets was working with this card & for all the games.

BR2 needs a patch for AA & 3D Sound fix.

12-15-05, 04:25 PM
Yeah, the game doesn't support it but I found a guy on their forums that said he hacked the EXE to allow it. That doesn't make sense to me and he never did list how so I'm not sure I believe him. He did find the area in the EXE to change to allow BR2 to support widescreen though. That worked okay for me although the menu is cut off (aspect ratio isn't correct).