View Full Version : weird scores in 3d mark o3 with nvidia 66.93

11-18-04, 06:31 PM
well i have just done a fresh install of XP and 3d 03 score was 7200 at stock
previous install score was 8500 at stock seems quite a drop to me. i've got Half life 2 on order so wanted my sys ready for kick off using the 66.93.
Even with extra shader enabled in rivatuner makes no difference to score.
oh yeah i'm using latest VIA chipset drivers, something simple i'm missing

any ideas or is any one else having similiar problems.


after trying drivers 66.81+ as well as 67.02 beta still got 7257 in 3d mark 03
this is where it gets weird if i use the drivers of the cd that came with the card 61.72 sliders set to performance


AthlonXP 2400+Thorton Mobile @ 2247
2x256 crucial 266mhz ram
Via 1453 chipset drivers
Abit KV7 bios 17
Galaxy 6800nu
40gig deathstar
Enermax 465 supply

11-18-04, 07:22 PM
Dont put all your eggs or faith in just 3Dmarks. I did notice better stablity and FPS in HL2 from 67.02. However my 3Dmarks went down alittle. Not as much as you though.

11-18-04, 07:56 PM
Install your mobo drivers... ummmm nope thats all i got :retard:

11-19-04, 02:11 AM
i just used 3d mark for a rough idea of performance with new drivers + COD + MOH with FPS on.
yeah i've checked chipset drivers there ok.