View Full Version : Refresh bug 67.02 ..Advance Timings effected?

11-19-04, 12:01 AM
Sorry to go on folks, but its 6am and ive been up allnight restraining myself from just putting a boot into the PC lol

Basically , are Advance Timings under Custom Mode effected by this apparent Bug involving overide refresh rates?


Or is this something completely different? .....

Just seeing that people are getting upto 250 fps a sec in Half Life 2 with a very similar rig to my own ! ...mine maxes out at 140 tops, goes down to around 50fps, average is around 70fps ...1280 by 1024 , AAX4 ...anistropic off !

Athlon 64 - 3400+ @ stock, 1GB Ram, XP w/ SP2, DX9.0c, 6800 GT 420/1050!