View Full Version : Horizontal span hinders use of 1280x1024???

11-19-04, 08:22 AM

I've been using nView Horizontal span for a long time now with my two TFT's running at 1280x1024 and it works great. However, when running games I'm unable to use the native resolution of 1280x1024, intead I'm limited to a maximum of 1024x768 (or some even higher resolutions, but that means splitting the display onto my two screens, which isn't an option).

Is there anyway to fix this problem, or will I be forced to switch to normal (non-span) display before gaming?

12-04-04, 09:06 PM
I have the exact same problem. I'd like to stretch video to full screen on the S-Video port while doing other stuff on the DVI port, but I can't use the full re****ion of the DVI monitor.