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11-19-04, 05:43 PM
I was just wondering if anyone played this game yet?
Its build on the HL2 engine. I know we've all been busy playing HL2 but this one seems interesting too. I am picking it up today after work, so I just wanted to see what are your thoughts on this game.


11-19-04, 05:48 PM
there is a thread about it in the Source Engine forum.

11-19-04, 05:50 PM
Hmm, didnt see it... I'll check again..


Edit: Yeah not much news there, I was interested more about the game play. I guess noone has tried it yet. I'll post some screenies when I get it.


11-19-04, 07:56 PM
I picked up the game the other day, last night I played for quite a few hours.

Actually very fun game, .. a little "rough" on the edges ... I mean it's not that well polished, but still very much fun.

It actually reminds alot of Deus EX, as you go around and solve problems and quests, hack computers and pick locks.
Then you got your vampire skills, much like the augs in Deus ex.
In large areas the framerates droppes pretty much for me, so I was not so sure that HL2 would perform that good for me, Picked up Hl2 today and that game has better framerates for me, yet it looks better.
Perhaps there will be a patch or something for bloodlines. Great game *been waiting for it*
And there are lots of sidequests and stuff too :)
You wont be dissapointed.
Now im to play some more Hl2 :D then ill get back to bloodlines.

Man too many great games this month, preorderd Metroid echoes today :D

11-20-04, 07:48 AM
I just picked this game up today... spent hours playing it. It does have a few bugs and glitches but as an rpg this is everything you could ask for. The way the quests have been designed offers many pathways for your play style which is quite fun :D

Hopefully a patch will be out before I finish it with my Tremere ;)

11-20-04, 07:54 AM
Being a huge Vampire ( well, WOD ) PnP player, how close is it adhering to the rules? If anyone can comment.

11-21-04, 05:12 PM
Well, I've managed to put a few hours into the game (didn't work very well on a friend's computer, so he's loaning it to me in exchange for finding him a cheap videocard ;) ) and I must say, it's quite fun. It has a few quirks, but overall it's a very enjoyable RPG.

If you've played the PnP game like I have, you'll notice a lot of similarities right away. Surprisingly the basic rules are kept almost identical, but the character creation has been simplified quite a bit. You don't get to pick which disciplines you get or which attributes to put your 5/3/1 etc. points into, that's all decided by which clan you are. There are about 15 or 20 different disciplines (not as many as the PnP RPG, but enough to keep the game interesting), most are shared by a few of the clans but a couple are unique to a particular one, and each clan gets 3. Also a few skills have been eliminated altogeather, such as Animal Kin. Each clan gets a few bonuses or drawbacks, but aside from the Nosferatu they all have the same basic capabilities and it's up to you how to play them. Right now I'm a Gangrel that specialises in beating people up, not the most original idea but it works :D . Suprisingly the Humanity and "Masquerade violations" are done pretty well: if your humanity is low you'll be more susceptible to the Beast, and if you do something you're not supposed to (like, say, draining a person's blood in front of another person) then you get a "Masquerade violation", and hunters may be sent after you to "punish" you for endangering the Masquerade, and if you get 5 violations the game is over. But there are "combat zones" where anything goes and you don't have to worry about violating the masquirade or losing humanity...just don't try doing any crazy stuff on the streets.

So far the missions have been varied enough to keep me interested. There are definatly a few interesting quests, one has you retrieving an item from a haunted mansion, and while it could've been done a bit better it was definatly quite fun (reminded me of the Cradle from Thief 3). There's quite a few options for talking, and there's usually multiple ways to complete a quest. It's quite fun upgrading your character, and there are lots of sidequests to do. Plus the game is supposed to be long and have 4 different endings, so I have a feeling anyone that gets into it is going to keep playing it for a loooong time.

It does have a few rough spots though. For one the cutscenes look pretty unpolished, it's very surprising that even though the game was supposedly delayed for so long because of the agreement they had with the Source engine that they didn't at least fix up a few of the animations. It seems like a lot of their movements in the cutscenes are just placeholders: 2 keyframe animations are common, and the movements can look pretty unrealistic at times. Also the areas in the game are VERY small (think Deus Ex: Invisible War), and while loading times are fairly short (definatly shorter than HL2's) you'll be seeing them very often. Plus combat is a bit weak, expectedly guns aren't very useful, but fighting just seems a bit sluggish. Oh, and the EAX environmental audio effects are borked, one time I was talking to a person on an open beach, and the echos and reverb made it sound like we were talking in a port-a-potty.

Overall though, pretty fun game. The graphics are acceptable (especially character models and in-game animations), the voice acting is great and there's a lot of it, and the character customisation is very well done. Oh, and the late-night radio is HILARIOUS, some of it is even better than Chatterbox from GTA3. The game has a few quirks, but in the end I'm having a blast with it so far. So anyway, here's a few screenies, enjoy!

My summoned doggy having a small snack. Kiba...is that you? :D

My character feeding on an unfortunate pedestrian. Sign is quite appropriate, don't you think?

A lighthouse being viewed from a run down building. It's a very pretty effect in-game.

Down by the pier. Look close and you may see something ominous ;)

11-21-04, 06:49 PM
I have been playing it non stop for 5 days now,33 hours as a male gangrel and I finished it,now on to my second go through as Tory female.I love this game,one of the best RPG's I have ever played !!! as good as the first

12x10 quincunx aa + 2 xx Aniso = smooth framerates all the time.sound skips a bit on a the rare occasion...level loads are very fast on my scsi caching controller....

11-22-04, 09:53 PM
lol Only played it for short while so far, got to a bit right at very beginning after talking to some bearded dude, then he vanishes and i'm stuck ...not got a clue where to go , all doors locked and cant get over any fence LOL .... I have no chance.....*ahem* I will give it a go soon tho, oddly addicted to NFSU2 atm even tho I dont even like cars, you go figure!

11-23-04, 12:45 AM
Wow, I'm really getting addicted to this game. For some reason it's quite fun, even though it has a lot of quirks. Most of these "quasi-freeroaming" RPGs end up being boring, but for some reason I'm always excited to find out what's going to happen next. Hey Shodan, how are the endings handled? Is it like Deus Ex where you get a choice at the end that determines what happens? Or does your affiliation with each side have an effect? It seems like no matter what I do neither of them outright reject me, I've been thinking about siding with the Anarchs for my first character and then with the Camarilla with my second, will that make any difference in the endgame? Oh, and is there really a point to keeping my humanity high? Right now it's like second from the top, but as a Gangrel maybe it's better to keep it low just for those occasions when I need the extra muscle that only the Beast can provide (+10 physical stats :drooling: )

Oh, and I thought this little joke was kinda funny, seems someone at Troika is a bit of a suckup :D


11-23-04, 02:49 AM
Man I waited so patiently for this game... I bought HL2 and would buy this one next week but than I stumbled on some info that UK (EU) version is censored and bugg ridden (like in intro and stuff) so for now it's been put on ice untill they release some kind of patch or something. I want to play the game the way it's meant to be played =)

11-23-04, 04:06 AM
Hey I need help with the Ship in the sea.
I got the manifest and I've explored the scene.
Whats next?

11-23-04, 04:25 AM
oh man I finished this game yesterday, I saw 2 endings which were pretty cool... and reflecting upon it, the ending for my tremere was pretty cool and does make sense. I'm going to start as a malkavian next, from what I heard they are pretty sick :D

Hearing voices :P the downside is... I'm waiting for the patch because I had a lot of graphical/sound bugs and game stopping bugs. Hope Troika can get it out soon :)

11-23-04, 06:48 AM
Yo ppl!
Seems like many of you finished the game already.
Care to give some little advice?

11-23-04, 12:09 PM
You need a police report, it's in the area that you found the sarcofogous in that has all those cops around.

Edit: LOL! Found this on another forum, it does look like there are a few graphic glitches in this game :D

11-23-04, 03:46 PM
^You call that few? lol.
Anyways, I got past that part on my own, but 10x anyway.

11-24-04, 02:24 AM
LOL! I love this game's humor, they sure don't hold back. I just have to post this one (the guy talking is a computer hacker):


11-24-04, 06:32 PM
I require help once more.
I'm stuck in the sewers with the pumps that I need to do something to, and the electricity thats just flying there...
what to do what to do...

11-24-04, 07:54 PM
Ugh, that part annoyed me too. Basically, you can turn off the electricity on one of the higher panels, either with the hacking skill or by unlocking the back door (you can still get up the ladder even when the power is on). After that, you have to do some wierd thing with the switche/computer, the tanks have to be flooded but you can't get by unless the fans are off, and it seems like the fans have to be on to flood the tanks :retard: . Basically, I just randomly flipped switches and tried swimming through the water as fast as I could, I got by somehow.

11-25-04, 01:11 PM
Well, thats a little vague....

11-28-04, 01:56 AM
Great game thus far in my opinion. User reviews at gamespot range 7.0 to a perfect 10. Most all people that bought and played it are glad they made the purchase.



11-28-04, 02:23 AM
Well, I beat it yesterday, and I just started playing through the game again, this time as a Ventrue. This is one of the few games that I've picked right up again after I beat it...this might be my new "Fallout 2" where I end up going through the game countless times just because I feel like it. I must say, replay value is surprisingly high, it's a LOT different going through the game as a different character. My Gangrel character was great at combat but was a bit...lacking...in the thinking department, with Ventrue I'm avoiding a lot of the combat and opening up a lot of different dialog options. It's also easier getting blood, since you can just convince people to let you have a drink of theirs instead of finding some guy in a back alley and waiting until the coast is clear to get a drink ;)

I'm worried about the last few levels though, even as a combat-heavy character I had a hell of a time getting through some of those areas, it's going to be a hassle figuring out how to get by there when there's no way to talk yourself through those situations...

12-01-04, 07:44 AM
I just finished the game with 4 Endings
(Most of them was short and lame :( )

A will try replay it and finish it with the Kuei Jin Side path these time

These game is great and reminded me a lot from Deus EX
but all these Epic feeling of Vampire Masquarade Redemption is gone :( (which was a Hack n slash only but with Great story\backgrounds \music)

Also Bloodlines has plenty of Bugs but that does not ruin the greatness of these game :)