View Full Version : Is gordon ready for a threesome with the twins???

11-19-04, 06:42 PM
http://img55.exs.cx/img55/5009/Threesome.th.jpg (http://img55.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img55&image=Threesome.jpg)

:nanahump: :nanahump: :nanahump:

Came across an interesting bug which for some reason has been loading an extra alex at the beginning of each level.

Good luck Gordon

11-19-04, 07:17 PM
Time to bust out the crowbar :p

11-20-04, 12:53 AM
Have you seen 8mm you deviant! ;-P

11-20-04, 01:14 AM
This is game bug i had it on two levels , for some reason one additional appeared , but she didn't do anything other then following, had her eyes looking different directions , looked like zombie :retard: , real one talks and goes with the mission , eventually clone dissapeared :p