View Full Version : New BFG gforce 6800gt Oc $350.! URGENT!!

11-19-04, 07:23 PM
Intact in its box, I have to sell it because I need money for a downpayment on my house and really cant afford it right now. I live in the Los Angeles area, an because I have never selled anything on the internet, I would prefer a buyer that lives in the Los Angeles area or near here so we could arrange a local pickup. If interested please answer here or to my email: macrfara2@hotmail.com thanks!!

11-19-04, 07:47 PM
A policy that will go into effect for buying and trading on these forums is for you to provide Heatware and/or eBay feedback numbers as references.

If you can't provide that, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to trade here.