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11-20-04, 12:03 PM
Does anyone have Half-Life 2 running on MS Win 64 AND an
NVIDIA card????

I het a mesage that it could not get some vid file and
exits to the desktop. Then it says that I don't have at
least 128MB of ram. I have 8GB installed!

I ran flawlessly Doom3, Red Mercury(64), Painkiller, the
Matric, UT2004 and UT2003(64), URU, Tomb Raider.
Infact my Doom3 eye canndu runs flawlessly at 1600x1200,
AA4, AF4 and all at 81FPS when I bech woth the demo. In
game fps is usually about 57-59fps.

Before you ask yes, hardware accel is enable in 32 and 64
bit in dxdiag.

but Half-Life 2 dies. I have the latest 61.76 (64)driver.

Everything works great! Games, software, AVi, movies, etc.

Except for Half Life - please don't say currupt files,
incomplete downloads etc. That's not it.

Here are my specs:
Dual Opteron 250
8GB ecc ram (fastest)
tyan s2885 board, latest bios
6800 Ultra Nvidia
Win Ent Server 64 latest released build
(4) SATA RAID 300GB drives (over 1 Terabyte storage)
Dual Layer DVD burner

Why will it not run?
Why does the game claim I don't have enough memory?
Whu does licensing, steam, cd check and registration have
to suck so much on one game that I will never buy another
Sierra/Vivendi game again!

Did you read the fine print? Are you aware of all the
things you agreed to?

Does anyone have success running it on an Nvidia card?

11-20-04, 02:14 PM
Valve has said it has no plans to have any support for Win 64 at this time so you're probably SOL.

And when you post here, stop hitting return at the end of each line you type. The forums word wrap automatically.

11-20-04, 11:21 PM
First off, your using a 'beta' operating system. That alone should answer your questions. It means the o/s isn't done yet. go on the microsoft site and you will see many many people have problems running games with WINxp64. Microsofts responds with "please report any errors for testing" as it is just a beta.
I cannot get it to work either.