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11-16-02, 04:34 PM
i got spearhead today and so far all looks good...anyone else invest in this game yet?( i havent tried multiplayer yet..im too involved with the missions of single player)

11-16-02, 06:33 PM
well i tried multiplayer, found a great server, and all was fine. the game is just as good as original, if not better. i suggest anyone that liked original mohaa, buy this expansion pack, you will not be disappointed at all....no i do not work for EA games.

11-16-02, 10:12 PM
I have MOH and MOH Underground for PSX, MOHAA for PC and MOH Frontline for Xbox, and I must say that I love them all. But, this expansion just doesn't seem to be worth the money to me. I dunno, I guess I just got spoiled with the new levels and weapons that were released for free to those who bought a game. I'm disappointed with the way that EA handled the whole mod community thing and decided to ***** the game.

11-17-02, 07:20 PM
finished single player missions although i dont see how ea games claims there are nine new single player missions..i only counted 3 1)normandy 2)bastogne 3)berlin...then credit"s came rolling up and it was over,although there were long, it still doesnt add up to 9???. all of the multiplayer maps are quit good, but all in all for 29.00 this should have been a free download for owners of original mohaa. my advice:wait till www.gogamer.com has a deal on price, it will probabbly drop in a month or so.

11-20-02, 05:40 PM
I bought it Saturday morning, installed it, and turned on 2x AA & 4x Aniso. Then maxed all in-game options and played at 1280x1024. I was surprised to find it playing smooth with those settings, but the only part that didnt was the opening parachute scene.

Anyway, started Saturday morning and it was so damn good I played all the way through and finished at about 5 am Sunday morning.

I agree with Cricket, it was way too short. But here's how they arrived at 9 missions: there are 3 separate "levels" in each of the 3 missions, so for example, Normandy=
-level 1: airdrop to windmill rendezvous with British 6th Airborne.
-level 2: windmill to the Flak88 compound at river's edge.
-level 3: crossing the river to destruction of bridge.

If you pay close attention, you'll notice the loading screen change pictures; this was the only real indication of level change within a mission.

Anyway, MP is great too, but it lags horribly (and I have DSL). I'll play it more once a patch fixes this problem.

11-20-02, 05:54 PM
I should add tho that while the missions were short, they were intense! Funner than the first IMHO.

My favorite moment: The German ground assault during the Battle of the Bulge. From the moment the Captain screams "Here they come! HOLD THE LINE!" its pure adrenaline. All hell breaks loose on both flanks, with hordes of Germans charging the trenches and Panzers supporting from behind. Since every weapon now has the secondary attack mode, it actually came down to brutal hand-to-hand combat (Thank God for Heinrich's Blood Mod) and by the time we repulsed them, the trench was filled with bodies. I almost wet myself.:D

11-20-02, 07:10 PM
does Heinrich's Blood Mod work in spearhead? all the blood mods ive tried dont work in spearhead, only in original mohaa. do you have a link to download Heinrich's Blood Mod?

11-20-02, 07:31 PM
Ya I want that blood patch to, game's really intense and really good.

11-20-02, 08:17 PM
i didnt find henrichs blood mod but this one works really well too it is called "mr jingles blood mod"...download it here: http://www.lolclanserver2.com/blood.htm put the file(pk???) in your EAgames/ mohaa/main folder..after you unzip it.
also if you want to change the way your "HEALTHBAR"looks (in bottom left screen within game) go here to download the "healthbarpack mod"..it comes with 4 different ones, just place the one pk?? file you want to use in your EAgames/MOHAA/ main folder...only place one in there at a time., just read the readme, you ll see what im saying. download here: http://www.mohcenter.com/downloads/mods.phtml?id=146227&language=en

11-21-02, 03:10 PM
Yes, "Heinrich's Realistic Blood Mod" works for Spearhead. When I played AA, I downloaded every single bloodmod and tried each in turn to pick the best one. Heinrich's was the best over-all IMHO, because it gives a good body-hit puff and the splats on walls and floors are not huge like some others. It definitely seemed like the most realistic to me, and has been called "the best blood mod" on a few fan/clan sites. Heinrich's website is www.reichnation.com; you can find it there.

Other AA mods may mess up Spearhead because they apparently alter certain things? The scene in Normandy where you have to knock out the Panzer with the Flak88 is a good example. If you have a certain AA MP map in your main folder (I did), the tank will take no damage from the Flak. I forget which maps/mods cause problems, but theres a thread on MOHAA official forums that says. I wanted to be safe so I removed all maps and mods from my main folder except the blood mod. Then I was finally able to destroy the tank.

11-21-02, 03:35 PM
By the way guys, some of the new weapons/MP improvements (cant lean while you run, etc.) and especially the large, multiple-objective team Tug-of-War maps got me thinking.

I want to try MP like it was America's Army. A small fireteam composed of different weapons, like a rifleman for long-range, SMG guy for close-in, etc. Good team communication, leap-frog advances under mutual cover, and so on. Some of the objectives are tough to get at if you dont have help, and there's alot more room and opportunity on the Tug-of-War maps for actual squad tactics than there was on AA MP.

Scope out the Tug-of-War maps and you'll see what I mean. There are several heavy-weapon emplacements all over them (Flak88s, MG42s, 20mm AAs, Mortars, etc.) that if turned into a team "firebase" could dominate the whole map. Even a small team, if working together, could win every time, even if the rest of the squad's off Rambo-ing.

If anyone's interested, let me know.

11-21-02, 05:04 PM
i went to that site and downloaded henrichs blood mod, but it doesnt work while in a spearhead game for me for somereason. i put the pk3 into my mohaa main folder. it looks as if the file has been recently updated to a newer version or something in past few days. could you copy the pk3 file you have in your folder and email it to me so i can see if it works for me. the mr jingles blood mod i had working isnt that great. i removed that blood mod first but still no luck. please copy your pk3 blod mod file and email it to me. thanks..ill let you know if it works

11-21-02, 05:33 PM
I was afraid of that when I posted the link! I havent tried that new version, so I was hoping it would work with Spearhead like the older one I have does. Anyway, I just emailed it to you. Let me know if this one works.

Redeemer, if you give me your email address, I'll send it to you too.

And yes, Ive had problems keeping 2 different blood mods in the main folder. But I see youve already tried removing one...

11-21-02, 05:54 PM
Maestro_rr@hotmail.com, thanks :D

11-21-02, 06:28 PM
when i went to open my mail, attachment was there but outlook express removed it automatically saying" OE removed unsafe file from message" any idea why this would happen?
i use norton antivirus 2002, but cant see why it would be unsafe. remail it again and ill try again.

11-21-02, 07:14 PM
i found the file on a web site, just got lucky i guess, it is the older file and yes it works good...thanks for help. here is the link for it if anyone else needs it: http://www.bad-mohaa.de/test/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=384

11-21-02, 07:31 PM
I dont know. To my knowledge I dont have a virus, but currently Im running no anti-virus software, so its possible I guess (I scan every so often but dont like it running in the background).

But if there was a virus, wouldnt Norton have popped up and told you instead of OE just removing it? Does OE have some auto-crap that would grab a file it didnt recognize (like maybe a pk3?)

I just emailed it again; can you see if that one is ok? Id hate to send Redeemer a virus...

EDIT: Redeemer maybe it would be safer if you downloaded it? Sorry for the hassle man, I really did have good intentions...:(

11-21-02, 07:45 PM
It's np man :) I'm gettin it from that site, but thanks anyway.

11-21-02, 08:49 PM
i got mod working that i downloaded from web site, im guessing it was the older one because it was dated june 2002..and in my outlook express mail setting's under 'security" i do have a check mark for automatically deleting files that may contain virus's or problems. it is connected to norton somehow. i doubt the file you sent had a virus but i guess the compouter has a mind of its own. either way blood mod looks cool. did you try the "health bar mod? it is pretty cool...i use the 3 colored looking one(red/yellow/green) i always leave norton on, unless i go multiplayer gaming then i just disable it. on this 2.2ghz P4 768mb pc 800 ram geforce 4 ti 4600 (30.82 drv's) i dont think it is gonna bog me down much

11-22-02, 09:59 AM
Hehe. Yeah I doubt youll have any speed problems.

Have you tried the settings I mentioned earlier? I was amazed to see this game running smooth with 2x AA & 4x Aniso at 1280x1024 (on my P4 2AGHz, GF4 TI4600 (325/725), 512 MB DDR, 21" Trinitron). Your rig is faster than mine, so if it works for me, you should fly right through!

Looks incredible. The textures in both MOH games are already great, so even just 4x Aniso keeps them sharp & crisp even at a distance. 2x AA seems to do a good job of smoothing edges (at least on these 2 games); I have to go looking to see any jaggies, and of course there's not much time for that when a platoon of pissed-off Nazis are trying to kill you...

Both MOH games have given me new respect for my GF4.