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11-20-04, 03:01 PM
BOOM. Here's the article on the hardware mod for 6800nu. Try at your own risk. www.pcunleash.com-bbs-zboard.phpid=MyItemReview&no=39

Has anyone actually gotten a performance increase by unlocking the 4 pixel pipelines on they're 6800nu. I would swear it didn't work, if it weren't for the attrocious textures in half-life 2 when I unlocked them. The extra vertex-shader seems to work fine, but I guess my card wasn't up to mustard or it'd be an Ultra/GT. But shouldn't my performance still of increased by 25% or so, even though the pipelines are corrupted[but only in half life 2, not doom3 or ANY OTHER GAME].Anyone, Please???

AMD AthalonXP 2400+, 1048MB pc2700, PNYGeForce 6800NU
P.S. Anyone ever tried to physically alter they're board. I'd like to try this, but I don't know what to do. By the way, I'm over clocked to 410/900 from the standard 325/700.
P.S. again. I found it very hard to find instructions on unlocking these, so I will help anyone who wants to try it. just post in this thread, i'll see you.You'll need the latest rivatuner.

11-20-04, 03:08 PM
I gained 20fps in VST just by modding and 30fps after overclocking. That's right, 30FPS!