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11-21-04, 02:22 PM
when i first installed the card in everything was fine - I was re-playing far cry and the difference was amazing from the first time around with my old rig (athlonxp 2000+, radeon 9700, abit KG7, 500meg ram) 50fps with HDR enabled!! But after about 2 hours play it would crash so I checked the processor temp and it was 61 degrees which was getting a bit hot, when i let it cool everything was fine again until the temp went up.

I got a better processor fan to cool things down a bit and installed it - this is when the problem started with the coloured squares - I could load a level but after about 30 secs they would appear and crash the game. I thought I had seen this before with a Gforce 3, i.e. thermal paste had got onto the bridges on the back of the processor (this took ages to actually find out what the problem was) causing crashes in 3D applications only.

Sure enough some paste had got onto the bridges and I cleaned it off and tried again - no luck, the same problem appeared. I thought I had damaged the processor somehow but sisoft sandra cpu stress tests ran fine but all games crashed. I also ran 3dmark 2005 before I changed the cooler and it went through ok but crashed afterwards.

I then put my old cooler back on but no luck, still crashing.

I then put a radeon 9800 pro in and expected this to crash but it works fine, no problems at all and the 6800 GT works fine in my old rig (above).

I swapped them back and tried it with the side of the caes off and the video to monitor connectors just pushed in and not screwed up - Voila!! it worked so I tightened everything up and put the side back on and the problem had returned. I tried it again with everything loose but no luck.

The only other thing is sisoft sandra says the +12v is actually 11.61 which is slightly low

So is it a slightly damaged CPU or a bad connection/short somewhere?? Any ideas??

1 gig ddr400
tagan 480w PSU
2x120 gig hd's
asrock K7VT6
Gforce 6800 GT

11-21-04, 05:46 PM

11-21-04, 08:31 PM
Check the PSU in your other computer and see if it is alot better then 11.61v?

11-22-04, 02:57 PM
Hmm the power supply in the other computer is putting out 12.25v - i think i will try and stretch a lead out from the other supply and see if that makes a difference as i don't want to take em both to pieces

I have also overclocked the other computer's cpu and memory up to a 2100+ and the 6800gt to 400 and 1.1 and far cry is running with everything maxed out except shadows on medium and hdr enabled. It is performing better than I expected at between 20 -40 fps outside and 30- 60 fps inside with no problems at all.