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11-22-04, 02:51 AM
Just got a 6800gt, running it at an ultra speed

can anyone else check something for me.
farcry fort, 4th level i think. Load it up and use that \r_displayinfo 1
i get 22-24fps while sitting in the boat and not moving the mouse at all, whether i am in 800x600 or 2048x1536.

that sounds real sus... like the card aint working properly or something, i mean no FPS change at all between the lowest res and the highest. My 9800pro used to run at about that while in 1024x768. seems like meh purchase was pretty well not worth it.
-All details on highest
-water on ultra high
-Anistropic on 1
-no AA

i got 2050 in 3DMark05 with my 9800pro and 5020 with my 6800, but i dont really play 3D mark that much.

just seems like something is seriously amiss considering the reports of speeds you see on sharky and the firingsquad.

Doom3 runs noticeably faster but not by as much as it *should*
sure have learnt my lesson... dont upgrade that often...

P4 2.8 o/c 3.3
Asus P4P800 (865)
1GB Dual DDR ram (937 FSB, 2x512 400mhz sticks)
Audigy 1
Leadtek A400 Geoff 6800GT (430/1100)

Directx 9.0c
865 chipset update (agp 8x, fast writes etc all on)
67.02 drivers (tried a few diff ones)
Single Monitor
Fresh install of Windows (last night)
bare bones software on

Crap frame rate on outdoor scenes in FarCry. indoor seems fine

11-22-04, 05:50 AM
Sounds like your CPU limited.

Did you try it in a lower res, like 640x480 + AA + Af to make sure?

If you get the same framerates, most likley the game or your PC is CPU limited.

Also, Forts a very stressful level, If I remember correctly. Might just be the engine.

11-22-04, 09:24 AM
CPU limited

11-22-04, 10:20 AM
They are some places in FC where the frame rate go down quiet a bit.But the new patch helped mine out quite a bit.

11-22-04, 05:13 PM
yeh i dunno what to do....

i give up. i think its time to play half life 2 instead

11-22-04, 05:22 PM
Nope it doesn't seem like a CPU limitation because you have a decent CPU there. Are your drivers installed properly? Try and reinstall chipset drivers maybe. Run Driver Cleaner 3 and remove driver remains and reinstall drivers. Try turning fastwrites off too. Your card might be throttoling from O/C too much.

11-22-04, 05:27 PM
Have you installed FarCry patch, at least 1.1 (1.3 recommended). I'm not going to say "CPU limited". CPU limited is more like <Athlon 2500+. You said Doom3 doesn't feel any faster. Well, how are you comparing the "faster". If you run FarCry at 1024x768 with everything on on the 9800 Pro, and on the 6800 GT at 1024x768/1152 4xAA 16xAF with everything on, you'll probably get similar framerates or just somewhat better, but the game will look much much better. Same with Doom3, are you comparing just "frame rates" between 1024 w/ medium on the 9800pro and 6800gt w/ 1024+ 4xaa 8xaf and high.

I really think there's a problem here though. You're not CPU limited. You said you're getting crap frame rate in outdoor levels in FarCry. That's not CPU limited. That's a problem. I run an Athlon XP @ 2.4GHz which is probably 1-2% slower than your overclocked P4, along with a 6800GT at ultra speeds. The settings I run FarCry at are 1152x864, 4xAA 16xAF and every detail maxed. I get good framerate in any outdoor level, probably around 50-60fps on average. There is the odd one scene where I dip to around 30-35fps for a second or two, but that's about it. No way you're CPU limited as my CPU is slower than yours, and I run FarCry very smooth on the above settings.

My first solution is install the 1.3 patch if you haven't already and DX9.0c.

11-22-04, 05:56 PM
yeh 1.3, latest chipset, 67.02. fresh install again last night.

Doom3 has taken an up kick, found out that you have to have hardware accel enabled on single display only. i had to first get cool bits, then take out my 3rd video card, then select single display. that got doom3 up some what. now i run at 1600x1200
doing a timedemo at 1600x1200 ultra detail i get 62fps now

jsut to recap on the farcry prob.
fort level, at the start, dont move the mouse, hte boat bobs up and down. right in that spot i get 35fps

found out last night that sm30path wasnt enabled so that upped it a bit
i can change the rez up to 2048x1536 right down to 800x600 and it doesnt affect the frame rate.
that is with ultra high detail on, no AA no AF

if i max out AF and AA at 2048 it finally drops to around 29fps down from 35. just seems weird that it doesnt budge a bit until i crank it all up. and by me, 35fps is just not good enough to play FPS games. bare in mind that if i drip it to 800x600 it runs at 35 fps. hell if you use the boat and go to the island. face the fort and start blasting away the baddies, it drops to 22 fps in some bits. yet you can be in the thick jungle, 2048 and it runs at 60-70.

HL2 runs heaps better than farcry and i have that at 2048, 2xAA, 4xAF all details maxed

one guy on another forum reckons he gets 40-45 on the same scene at 1280 with AA and AF on, i just cant seem to get it up these days in farcry only...

i have a just installed a 400w power supply as well, so it cant be lack of power...

11-22-04, 06:30 PM
Try setting your Shadow settings lower.

11-22-04, 07:00 PM
this maybe a memory bandwidth/timing problem, I had about 29-30 fps at the bobbing boat point (1.3 patch) all options maxed except shadows at medium with HDR enabled and I have a 3200+, ddr400, 6800gt, asrock K7VT6 mb.

OC'ing the card made no difference but there was a "flexibility" option in the bios that was enabled which slowed the memory timings down even though it was running at ddr400. when i disabled this i got a 10 fps improvement at this point and about 30 fps everywhere else, so look at your memory timings they may have an option for normal,fast,ultra timings or something like that in the mb bios.

You may also need to download the 70.41 beta drivers that is what i am usin at the moment.

11-22-04, 07:19 PM
thanks spectre, trying to sauce the beta's now.
i might clock my CPU back to 2.8 and see if its a timing issue as well,
i thought that your main system memory didnt effect gaming speeds though?

11-22-04, 07:37 PM
farcry isnt cpu limited on a 2.8ghz p4 overclocked to 3.4 with fkin 900+ fsb guys...

try clocking your whole system back to stock clocks. Memory/cpu/gpu everything and see if it changes anything at all.

Make sure fastwrites are on in your bios and nVpanel (unless it gives u display problems)

Try the card in someone elses system and see if it performs badly.