View Full Version : Leadtek A400-TD128SI (RT 15.2 wont unmask pipes)

11-22-04, 07:19 AM
I've tried various Forceware drivers with Riva Tuner 15.2...

I've selected enable hardware masked units, rebooted and it doesn't make any difference, still shows (12p 5v)

Has anybody else had a similar problem getting the masked units enabled.

I've read through the forum but can't find anything (apart from everyone else with the Leadtek saying it was a simple 3 click operation)

Figured the slow performance of Nalu due to AGP appature size & dualview but getting the extra pipes etc to show (and then hope they work) is proving a bit of a pain.

Thanks in advance for any help...

11-22-04, 07:25 AM
That means you have got yerself hard locked GF 6800. The quad unit has been cut by a laser and no amount of tinkering with Rivatuner will allow you to mod it to a 4 quad (16 pixel pipeline) GPU.

Sorry mate you are out of luck.