View Full Version : I just got a great Xmas present (Portable Media Center) :O

11-22-04, 03:46 PM
I just got this today in the mail as kind of an xmas present. It just showed up at my door so I havent had a time to set it up. But I can already tell I am going to enjoy this. Anyone have any experiences with these? I'll give you my impressions in a bit once I have finally had a chance to toy with it :)


Holy its got a 20 gig Hard drive on it. :O

11-23-04, 01:01 PM
Creatives Nomad Zen Extra has a 60 GB model.

the portable media player sound like a good idea. But for me, i would have to re encode all my videos to a compatible format. It would realy be cool if I could just drag all my anime fansubs on that, and It would just play it. But it's not that advanced yet. I am going to wait for the second or third generation of the portable media player befor I get one of my own.