View Full Version : GOLDEN SAMPLE 6800GT..won't play games

11-22-04, 07:31 PM
ok i bought this card 20th november 2 days delivery..330..
so i uninstalled my nvidia fx5700 and installed the new card with supplied 4.2 gainward drivers and expert tool ,direct x 9..first it says no file exists to document and settings when i install from the disc but i can click p0ast that and continue install..then my games wont launch when i up the rate to 1028/768 simple work for this card sposed to go up to 2048/1536.

then i do the coolbits thing and the reggetdit 4 thing and flash my bios to 5.18 and update my nvidia drivers now it wont launch at all freezing a black screen saying 3D no created summit or other ..i mean christ these things are hardly plug and play like my FX 5700 was...PLEASE HELP...and can i just play this card from an fresh install without all this coolbits and clocking...the card should do the job.. games

full spectrum warrior..far cry..call of duty..operation flashpoint..splinter cell..and more...... (newb)

11-22-04, 07:33 PM
Sounds like a dead card, call gainward and setup a RMA

oh and this is prolly stupid but make sure its got a 12v power lead going to it with nothing else on the lead.

11-22-04, 07:53 PM
You flashed the bios on the Gainward? The bios that card came with is the best 6800GT bios around. Even people with PNY's, BFG, Leadtek's swear by it.

Go over to www.mvktech.net , maybe you can get some help there.

11-22-04, 08:16 PM
ok..just re-installed after uninstalling...original message box is

cd rom setup>...setup32.exe file not found.
the file d:\panel\32\setupx.ENG does not exist

then on game start up..Direct 3D error
create device failed

just that it originaly played intro to game and now nothing :bash:

11-22-04, 08:41 PM
What CD are you talking about? Is that the ExperTool setup?

I'll tell you something, I never install drivers from a CD because by the time you get them they're 6 months old.

Get the newest ExperTool here:

Go here and download the Forceware 67.02 drivers:

Go here and get DriverCleaner 3.3:

Install DriverCleaner 3.3
Uninstall ExperTool, uninstall your whatever graphic card drivers you're using, reboot into Safe mode, run DriverCleaner and do a nVidia Cleanup.
Restart Windows, install the 67.02 drivers, restart, install ExperTool

See how your games work now.

11-23-04, 11:21 AM
YO JRd1st

a massive thanks to you for soughting this out for me.i play far cry /call of duty and more, all at the games full specs and no trouble.....i now know where my money went .. :nanahump:

JRD1st :angel2: