View Full Version : strange problem on d3d/opengl apps!!

11-22-04, 11:44 PM
I got a very strange problem after I set 2d/3d the same freq, keep 2d/3d synchronous do help me a lot, but I found that sometime it seems to have some conflicts between d3d and openGL app, things like this:

try codemaster's TOCA race driver DEMO, set everything highest especially 'hi-res bonnet reflection' option with 4Xaa, 8Xaf, enter the game, switch the viewpoint to the bonnet view mode, you might see all the cars include yours are displayed awfully, then switch to ****pit mode, strange here, the z-buffer seems to be failed, you can see the cars all the time even they are driven behind the barrier. I've tried all the option and finally ensure it's 'hi-res bonnet reflection'' fault.
about the openGL, after ran some d3d apps (include the game above, but I cannot sure the others, some d3d games doing well like ut2004) all the windowed mode ogl apps are failed to start include blender3d, wings3d and all the other openGL apps, they can not display viewport at all, simply tell, all the windowed mode ogl apps are failed (the machine will not freeze, you can still close the app but just can't see a **** on it). but things getting interesting here, after ran a fullscreen ogl app like doom3, all the windowed ogl apps will come back to world like nothing happened...

**but everything is just fine without turning aa/af on**

totally have no idea about this... tried many ways, turn-on/off fw, change the freq, do some setting in rivetuner... doesn't help. anybody suffering this kind of problems??

(a64 3400+ & 6800U@425/1.10 with winXP sp2)

11-22-04, 11:50 PM
what drivers are you using? It sounds like a driver issue.

11-23-04, 01:49 AM
what drivers are you using? It sounds like a driver issue.
I'm using 66.93. think this driver should work better than 66.81, any suggestions?

btw, anybody tried TOCA race driver 2 and found the problem like mine?