View Full Version : 512MB PC2100/2700 DDR RAM Stick + 60GB WD HDs Please HELP! $ needed URGENTly for Xmas

11-16-02, 11:00 PM
I am selling 2 sticks of BRAND name DDR RAM:

1X 256 MB Nanya RAM ( 8X 32MB Single Sided CL2) -- NEW LOWERED PRICE TO $70
1X 256 MB Samsung RAM ( 16X 8MB Double Sided CL 2.5) -- New LOWERED PRICE to $60

I am selling this Western Digital HD cos i need space to upgrade to a 7200RMP drive since my case has only 2 HD Chassis. This is a HD from a Compaq Computer and is in perfect working condition.
Here is the link to the product:
Product Link (http://www.westerndigital.com/products/Products.asp?DriveID=4)

Kit comes with 4 mounting screws and a IDE Cable.
I am asking for $70 Shipped with full protection (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) [PRICE LOWERED!!]

Thanks for everyone visiting my sale.
If you think the price is not right, please discuss with me so we can work something out.

GUYz.....please help me cos i need Cash BAD for Xmas
Please PM or e-mail me @ nanyangview@hotmail.com

11-24-02, 04:08 AM
is HDD still under warranty?