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11-23-04, 02:59 PM
BFG6800GT OC installed, replacing my ti4200..... AND IT EVEN WORKS WITH MY EXISTING PSU.

Current LCD monitor only supports 1024x768, but can play at 8xAA & 16xAF no problems. :drooling:

My 2.53G P4 is definetly a bottleneck, but Joint Ops ( main reason for upgrading ) plays sweet with all setting maxed... and no slow downs. :nanahump:

Going to save some monies now for better PSU and poss a MB & CPU upgrade.

Thnx to all you's out there for setting me on the 6800GT trail.... respect !!!!

BTW: it came with the 2 fan Heatsink/blue LED's... idles at 52oC ( case cooling could be better ).... looks cool though.

11-23-04, 03:10 PM
Interesting, I am thinking of the same upgrade from my existing ti4200. What power supply do you currently have? I'm not positive my antec smartblue 350watt will run it

11-23-04, 03:22 PM
PC is a Siemens make, and PSU is an unbranded one that came with it. It indicates it is only a 250W one,... but they normally put good quality stuff in their PC's. Hell... it came with a 3 years on site warranty on all items... if the PSU goes, i just ring them up and they will come and replace it.

All i care about anyways is that joint ops went from 1024x768, no AA, no AF minimal details on my ti4200 giving me approx 20-25fps.... to 8xAA, 16XAF max details on 6800GT giving 40-50 fps.... it rocks!!! no other words for it !!

11-23-04, 04:35 PM
Well I just did a test run about this CPU limit factor. I Clocked my CPU to 3.3ghz from 3.15ghz with a some new RAM that can handle the 235mhz FSB. My Corisar PC3200LL couldnt do it.

Anyway it gave me a Extra 10fps in the HL2 timedemo from Hardocp and that was only a Extra 150mhz on my CPU. I went from 80fps to 90fps. So anyone looking to Upgrade, keep in mind that getting a High end CPU that can be Overclocked is the only way to get the MAX proformance out of your 6800 series card.

11-23-04, 05:38 PM
Delbert, I got the same cpu, i actually bought it off ebay a few months ago and got it oced at 3.15... runs good..

11-23-04, 06:15 PM
Re: It's here... and it rocks !!!

And it's not supposed to have a thread on its own !!!