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11-23-04, 03:07 PM
I just bought a Asus V9999/TD (std. 6800) and am searching for a few tools..

1) Is there an NVidia GPU bases alternative for AtiTool? It seems a great overclock-test tool.

2) Is there a (prefferably systemtray) tool that can monitor core & mem temps? I read Rivatuner should be able to do this, but I can only let it display voltages - under Datasources there's no choice for temps.

3) Is there a tool that can adjust the GPU fan-speed according to the GPU temp?

(Asus has Smartdocter with which you can configure 4 different temps for 4 different fan speeds but this behaves strangely - it doesn't remember the method to control the fan-speeds)

Thanx in advance for you reactions!

11-23-04, 03:15 PM
Man, Ill email you anything you want for a copy of your bios. I have all the nv40 tools

11-23-04, 03:16 PM
wait, do you have the 6800 standard with 256mb?

11-23-04, 03:16 PM
Even If I can't get your bios, I'll direct you to the tools you need. You can, and should, use rivatuner 1.5.2 to try to unlock your 4 extra pixel pipelines and sixth geometry engine. Next, download powerstrip from this sites home page, second window down on the right side, labeled "graphics utilities". This utitlity launches at system startup and sits, where else, in you tray. Its basically useless except for the extremely powerful overclocker. Its the most powerful overclocker out there, far exceeding the one we will enable in your graphics card menu in a minute, if your reading this that is. next, follow this link http://www.mvktech.net/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=26&func=selectfolder&filecatid=6 Its to a very small app named NVTWEAK. unzip and run it, and enable the settings to taste. Most of these are sub-menus in the 6800 menu that I've never accessed with another utility, so its quite worth the 2 second download. these are the only tweaks I have running right now, and I've got complete control. Again, your 6800 standard should have its pixel pipes and vertex shader unlocked with riva tuner, its easy to do, and you should overclock to taste with powerstrip. If you want fan options, agp options, an additional info menu, vsync render ahead settings, and a debug and system log screen, then simply enable them in NVTWEAK. I'd enable over clocking in NVTWEAK too, and set it to manual and enforce settings at startup, then do the actual overclocking with powerstrip, as the one in your graphics sub-menu is restricted by what are in my experience, far too "SAFE" overclock limits, and is thus only usefull as a monitor and verifyer of your overclocks. I can reach 410,880 with zero artifacts with powerstip, and while it will show as this in my graphics submenu-overclocker, it wouldn't work if I tested it with this utility. Powerstrip does what it's supposed, and overpowers these safety limits, so naturally just be careful and watch your core-temps. If you need any help or aren't satisfied, just post in here. I'll be on for a while. Boring night.

11-23-04, 04:55 PM
Hey man, thanx for your quick reply!

I'm gonna make my reply a quicky 'cause I have to get up early ;p

I have the 128Mb version. If you still want it, just let me know.

I allready enabled an extra vertex shader pipeling but windows won't start when I enable an extra pixel shader pipeline..

I allready oc'ed the card to 376/800 but really liked the autofind limits options in AtiTool - except it doesn't support this on NVidia GPU's..

I let you know more tommorow, k?

The night shouldn't be so long if you've got HL2! :p


11-23-04, 05:06 PM
Strange, my overclocking submenu in my 6800 menu has had an autodetect optimals option since the first drivers I got. Maybe you should get the latest betas from nvidia's nzone. They work fine on mine. Yeah, just checked, the option enabled by NVTWEAK in the graphics sub-menu is "Detect Optimal Frequencies". Doesn't even push your card, and yours is an extreme overclocker from what I've read. The reviewers get about 450,1000 which is a dream. That is astounding!!! BUt no, I thought your card was one of the strange configurations ASUS is makeing of the 6800 chip-set. They make a 16 pipe 128mb GT, and a 256mb NU. Obviously, the bios for the former would be a dream come true for someone trying to truly unlock they're pipelines on they're 6800NU or "standard". But they have no bios in they're bios download page.Oh well, at least they have a page, which is more than I can say for PNY. BUt since windows failed to start, at least you know the tweak worked. So yes, I'm still interested in your bios.