View Full Version : Is my video card borked? BFG 6800 GT

11-23-04, 03:57 PM
I recently obtained a BFG 6800gt, and the first thing I loaded up was half-life 2.

I'm using the 67.02 detonators, everything is at 1600-1200 4x fsaa 8xaa via DVI to a dell 2001fp. This is on an asus a8v with a 3500+ and a ttgi 450w PS.

I noticed some weird anomolies, like this:


So I tested it with ATItool's artifact tester, which gave me no errors whatsoever. I then tried some 3dmark05, and got some weird shadowing:

Take notice of the leaves in the bottom left:


Then look at the weird jagged shadows on the cliffs and the flying balloon:



The benchmark does not exibit these weird shadows when rendering in cpu only mode.

The card is clocked the the default 370/1000. I've disabled fast writes.

Thanks for any kind of help.


11-24-04, 12:45 AM
What are you using, a magnifying glass? I really can't see anything wrong.

11-24-04, 02:31 AM
What are you using, a magnifying glass? I really can't see anything wrong.

And if there *is* anything wrong - which is very debatable - then these are driver or code issues. The hardware is clearly working.


11-24-04, 02:41 AM
There's nothing wrong with your card. I had the exact same thing yesterday. The black textures on the floor in HL2, which are boxes in the end if you cast a light on them. Uninstall your drivers, use driver cleaner and install them again. It should go away.

My bet it was caused by Rivatuner. It messed Timbury as well. Couldn't fix it, so I redid Windows.