View Full Version : 6800GT/ultra2400 FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR

11-23-04, 05:01 PM
ERR? ok thanks to JRD1st once again...

but the only game that does not work is FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR/??

the game launches into the main menu then i launch to play and it freezes..here i have to reboot cant tab out..FSW not responding..so i reboot re start game and i get this windows message...

Direct 3d error
create device failed

i re-installed the game and it does the same ...can anyone solve this 1 (newb)

11-23-04, 07:54 PM

again plays all intro and then in game i get rtainbow colours and mixing with desktop....11 other games play well very well...weird (newb)

11-24-04, 04:39 PM
i posted a enquiry to THQ makers FSW...#

and SHELLSHOCK NAM 67' runs on 56.02 drivers the company said nvidia will solve this problem with their next release of drivers..i have 67.02 drivers all my nvidia stuff works. splinter cell /far cry /max payne/IL2sturmovik/operation flashpoint/call of duty and expansion/joint operations/vietcong purple haze/...ran 3.3 driver cleaner reinstalled 67.02 drivers and forcewareWinxp2Engv67.02 and expertool 323..just inhanced clocks and all is fine..not going to over clock never have.

wont be reverting back drivers to play NAM67' (newb) :drooling: