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11-25-04, 04:37 AM
Hi all, first post!!!


So, i have recently built a shuttle multimedia pc and mistakingly put a ATi 9800XT in there. This graphics card sounds like a hoover, even when idling!

So, a friend recomended that i get an nVidia instead as they are quieter. Can you please confirm this? How loud are your gfx cards when ur pc is idling (e.g. watchin tv on it or listening to music or browsing internet). The gfx card need to take up 1 slot only and not have any bulk on the underside of the card either.

TIA for any help at all!

11-25-04, 04:52 AM
Depends which nVidia card you choose. Some are loud as vacuums (like my 6800 ultra use to get before installing Expertool to control the fan) while others are quiet with stock fans. You can also modify the fan by getting an NV Silencer.

11-25-04, 05:25 AM
Look for a card with a quiet cooling solution, you can't go by the nVidia/ATi-brand alone. There's a heatpipe-solution for the 9700/9800-cards, dunno if it will fit in your Shuttle though.

11-25-04, 06:43 AM
This is my whole issue you see. I would rather have a quiet, adjustable card with the stock fan as almost every other cooling solution is too big to fit in the shuttle.

I'm looking at 6 series but none in particular.

If anyone can tell me if they have a particularly loud/quiet card with the stock fan i'd be very pleased!

11-25-04, 06:54 AM

Here's one that might be of interest.

11-25-04, 07:15 AM
I got the Leadtek 6800U and i was really impressed. When idling it's really quiet. It's still the loudest thing in my system and will be watercooled soon but i have an absolute silent system. In a typical aircooled system the CPU and casefans are much much louder than this card. Very impressive aircooling solution!

11-25-04, 01:12 PM
The MSI GT with adjustable copper cooler USED to be practically silent when idling and very quiet when gaming but they've switched back to the reference design.

My MSI that had the copper is now cooled by water and my system is completely quiet thanks to the reserator and extensive testing of quiet components.

EDIT: Oh goody you can get the copper hsf in the PCIe 6800GT from MSI http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/vga/vga/pro_vga_detail.php?UID=623 but for how long. The rpm adjuster is the white dot at the top center, and slides all the way to the helmet of the knight.

11-25-04, 04:45 PM
I'm pretty happy with my BFG 6800 OC. It sounds a bit like a jet due to the two fans when you first start the computer, but once the actual drivers kick in, it's very quiet. It's just too bad that the fans have those stupid blue LEDs in them...

11-26-04, 12:31 AM
THere's gonna be sound in any non-passively cooled gfx card. its upto u to descide wats the max. u can bear!
all gt's ultras with aluminum cooler are gonna make sound, if its a acustom cooler..the sound will b much less.

this seems to be pretty good. since its mentioned less than 24dB.

or else go for a mainstream card like 6600GT or sumthin.
Theres a gigabyte card..passive copper cooling..no fan.
its the gigabyte 6800 nu.

11-26-04, 07:32 AM
That inno3d card looks great but a bit too bulky to fit in my shuttle.

Any other ideas?

11-27-04, 05:09 AM

Or u can try to find the MSI-NX6800GT its comes wid custom copper cooler.
i hav it..n beleve me. thers more sound of the cpu fan compared to it.. the chasis fan is louder compared to it. it doesnt go byond 30dB..as MSI claims.
But here is ur problem. MSI stopped production of 6800GT with copper cooler (many users on this forum hav said that). their new 6800GT is wid regular aluminum cooler. IF u r lucky, u'll get the card wid custom copper cooler.
all on ur luk.

U dont hav pci-e mobo either. the pcie 6800GT frm MSi is goin to hav the copper cooler.