View Full Version : Thermals: 6600GT vs 6800nu

11-25-04, 11:57 AM
The HSF units on the 6800nu cards look like they are much more massive than those on the 6600GT cards. Gigabyte produces a passively cooled 6800nu that utilizes two heat pipes. The PCIe version of the 6600GT looks like it only uses a single heat pipe and has a much smaller heat sink.

Does the 6600GT dissipate that much less heat or are the larger HSF units on the 6800nu cards for show?

11-25-04, 01:08 PM
6800NU's use the NV40 chip with 1 deactivated quad. It's the most complex chip out there and more transistors usually produce more heat.
The 6600's use chips with only 2 quads and a lot less transistors.
I am quite sure that the 6600's run cooler.
With the 6800 you allways have the chance to get a 16 piped card though.