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11-26-04, 01:06 PM

First, apologies for my english

I have a new pc with Intel pentium 4 550 HT 3.40Ghz 800Mhz Front Side Bus, chipset Intel 915P
and a Nvidia GeForce 6610 XL (128 Mo DDR3 Memory 800Mhz 6610XL GPU 400 Mhz) Architecture Bus PCI-Express 16x

Mdk 10.1 Official and kernel , kde3.3
Impossible to install this GeForce. only install a generic VESA is possible
impossible too choose Plug and play
And I have no sound too

Is it a driver for it ?
I have founded NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629-pkg1-run but GeForce 6610 XL is not in AppendixA

What can I do ?
Oooh ,I am also a newbie with Linux. :o)
Please simply

Thank you for your help


12-02-04, 03:38 PM
Hi Scalde,

Is the card a PCI express on a medion computer bought from Aldi? If so you can log on to medion website and find the drivers there. If you get stuck and are unable to find the driver then PM me and I can email it to you. It is 18.9 Mb in size so as long as you have broad band wont take long.

02-02-05, 10:48 AM
Euh.. I do find a 18.9 MB sized driver for the GeForce XL 6610 on the medion website but it is for M$ Windows, not for Linux. You did mean *Linux* drivers, right?