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11-27-04, 10:38 PM
I'm playing NFS underground 2. During gameplay there's an approx. 1" black border around the game screen. Is there a setting in the preferences that would correct that? I've also been experiencing some random crashes to the desktop with this game. I had this problem with the demo, but a driver upgrade to 66.93 seemed to fix it. The crashing could be a problem with the game because alot of people with a variety of set-ups are experiencing this issue. I do have an old, compaq mv520 15" monitor, that I use a color correction software(3deep or something like that) to help brighten it up. Any help on these issues would be appreciated. Thanks

11-27-04, 10:58 PM
It could have something to do with the resolution you're playing the game at.
Try a different resolution, see if it makes any difference.

11-27-04, 10:58 PM
Set your refresh rate to the monitor's highest setting. That should get rid of the black border. Usually a 15" monitor will be 1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz. But perhaps your monitor supports an even higher refresh rate. Refer to the manual and see if it supports 70 or 75 Hz. Once you've figured that out, go into nVidia display properties > Refresh rate overrides and override the refresh rate there.

11-27-04, 11:08 PM
Thanks guys. rewt, your correct about my max refresh rate 1024x768 @ 60Hz. That is the the rate that I normally compute with. When I start the game it changes to 640x480 but I don't know what refresh Hz it changes to. And I've tried the only three resolution in the game(640x480, 800x600, 1024x768) with the same border and crash problems. And, there a cut type scene before the start screen comes up and there's no border on the scene, it appears to be widescreen. Thanks for the help thus far.

11-28-04, 04:54 AM
Just use the monitor's display controls to fix that...

11-28-04, 07:02 PM
Waffles, thanks for your input. If I do that won't that overstretch my windows desktop. It wouldn't be so hard to set it back and forth, but I wonder if the problems that Im having(the crashing and the sizing) may be connected somehow. And to add to the original. If I stop alot of processes that are unneccesary for gaming through services.msc I was able to play the game for 3 hrs straight last night at 640x480 with medium detail, any higher detail or resolution caused lag. Do you think that there may be a XP SP2 incompatibility with NFSU2 or do I need some hardware upgrades to run stable. The low resolution doesn't really bother me. Thanks again

11-30-04, 12:32 AM
OK. I just downgraded my driver from the most recent on the nVidia site to the most recent on Chaintech's site. So far it has corrected the sizing issue. I didn't play the game long enough to test for crash, just sizing. I will test for the C-T-D issue tomorrow and update the thread then. Thanks for all of your help with this.

11-30-04, 10:38 PM
Everythings working great now. I recieved a BSOD while the game was paused today, but after checking the event viewer it was an old print driver acting up. Life's good right now!